Trish Stratus is one of the most important female wrestlers in WWE History. Even now, many female wrestlers look up to the WWE Hall of Famer. Although she announced her retirement in 2019, that does not seem to be the case with her return to the ring at the upcoming WrestleMania. Moreover, Stratus recently talked about helping elevate talent and included Carmella’s name in the list.

Carmella has been considered an exciting addition to WWE women’s division. She came up to the main roster in 2016 as a part of the WWE Draft and has been a fixture for WWE television programming since then.

However, despite achieving multiple accolades in WWE, Carmella has not been seen as a main-event attraction in the company. Moreover, many have called her a Diva in the era of the Women’s Revolution.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has a slightly different take on that. Trish recently spoke with  Adam Silverstein on Getting Over, claiming that she wants to get Carmella to the next level, as well as giving her opinion on many names in the division today.

“It was something why I started back at the live events with Becky, seeing her, I would love to face her. I am a fan of what she does. Bayley, Bianca (Belair), Asuka. There is not one woman where I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to work her, I’m good.’ Carmella, to me, she is so good in the ring, but has such a strong character. I’ve always admired wrestlers that have strong characters. You know what that character is going to do before they even do it. I love that.

The people who came up as valets, because we had that character development before we were wrestlers, Lita as an example, you knew what she was going to do in the ring before she did it because you knew her character so well. I love [Carmella’s] development. Liv, I love what she is doing. I’m anxious to see her go to the next level.

It’s kind of on the peak for her and going to happen for her soon. If they decided, ‘stay around and pick a singles match.’ I’d be like, ‘I don’t know, pick one for me. I don’t know who to pick.’ Everyone is amazing, and I could do fun stuff with any of them.”

Trish Stratus is set to make her return to the ring in two weeks. The Diva of the decade will team up with Lita and Becky Lynch to take on the team of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO Sky at WrestleMania 39 in a marquee match for the show. We will have to wait and see how Stratus does in her return to the ring after four years.

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