The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and revered WWE Superstars of all time. Known for his unique and intimidating persona, he has captured the imagination of fans around the world for decades. Moreover, post-retirement we have seen more from the man behind the iconic character, Mark Callaway. However, WWE Legend Kurt Angle recently revealed a hilarious and very unexpected instance with respect to the Deadman.

In the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, The Olympic Gold Medallist revealed some hilarious things about The Undertaker, while recalling his experiences working alongside the fellow WWE Hall of Famer. Kurt Angle stated that, contrary to popular belief, The Phenom had a great personality when asked about fans’ biggest misconception about The Phenom. Kurt stated that The Undertaker was frequently seen backstage cracking jokes and interacting with his colleagues.

The former 6-time World Champion also revealed another interesting fact. Kurt Angle stated that in order to avoid having long conversations with The Undertaker on flights, he would sometimes pretend to be asleep.

“That he has no personality. Listen, the guy tells jokes all day, all night long. I mean, this guy has an incredible personality. The only time he let us see it was at the WWE Hall of Fame. He really, yes, he is a funny guy. On the airplane, he would talk to me so much that sometimes I would pretend I was sleeping. Because he was talking to me so much! [laughs].”


Kurt Angle added that The Undertaker has always been one of the coolest guys in WWE who was also surprisingly a “chatterbox.”

“Like this guy, had a great personality, Paul, when I tell you he was so funny. He was so bubbly with everybody that he knew; if he didn’t know you, he didn’t say a word. If he knew you, he was a chatterbox! He was so funny. I absolutely loved the guy!

Considering his reputation in pro wrestling, The Deadman came across as an imposing figure and the recent comment by Kurt Angle was not something the fans would’ve thought about The Undertaker. Both Kurt Angle and Undertaker are currently enjoying their retirement, all fans around the globe are always eager to know the behind-the-scenes stories of these legends.

What is your take on this story? Do you think The Undertaker is a real chatterbox? Sound off in the comments!

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