WWE is currently considering the legalization of betting on their matches, a move that could have major implications for the company’s operations. Despite being pre-determined, WWE matches are not “fake” and wrestlers collaborate to narrate a compelling story inside the ring. That being said, it seems WWE’s plans for legalized betting are not going well.

If betting on WWE matches becomes legal, it could potentially lead to changes in how matches are scripted and the outcomes determined. In fact, WWE legalizing betting will affect top stars in huge way.

It was reported that WWE is considering adopting a similar model to that of some states that permit gambling on award shows, with results being predetermined months in advance and verified by an accounting firm such as Ernst & Young.

Betting would then be closed prior to the wrestlers and other personnel being informed of the creative direction for the matches in question. However, the report suggests that WWE’s efforts to introduce betting on their events have not been going smoothly so far.


As previously reported, WWE was in talks with state gambling regulators in Colorado and Michigan to legalize betting on high-profile matches. The promotion has already registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission in a related move to legalize betting on matches.

However, the Colorado Division of Gaming made it clear that they do not plan on allowing sports betting on WWE matches. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about WWE’s current plans for legalized betting on their matches. Meltzer revealed that WWE’s current talks are not going well at all.

“They’re not very receptive to it; not WWE, but the [gaming] commissions. One of the commissions pretty much said no. … MGM Grand, the books there don’t want to take any action on professional wrestling. They just thought that the idea was, on the surface, completely ludicrous. Most states do not allow betting on the Academy Awards. … There are states that do.

I think there’s seven. And [WWE’s] thing was, ‘If you can bet on the Academy Awards, why can’t you bet on us? And we’ll do the same safeguards the Academy Awards do.’ If it were to happen — we’ve talked about this before — it’s just an incredible headache to the creative team, the wrestlers, everyone. I don’t expect anything soon, but they’re trying in several states, and we’ll see what happens.”

Meltzer characterized it as “a disaster waiting to happen” because of how easily insider information could leak. In contrast to WWE’s plans, the UFC is currently facing investigations related to various allegations. This includes allegations that Glory MMA coach James Krause made money from insider information about fighter injuries.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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