WWE is reportedly exploring the possibility of legalizing betting on their matches, which could have significant implications for how the company operates. While WWE matches are predetermined, they are not “fake” and wrestlers work together to tell a story in the ring. It seems WWE has registered with Indiana Gaming Commission recently.

If betting on WWE matches becomes legal, it could potentially lead to changes in how matches are scripted and the outcomes determined. In fact, WWE legalizing betting will affect top stars in huge way.

On Wednesday, CNBC reported WWE was in talks with state gambling regulators in Colorado and Michigan to legalize betting on high-profile matches. This was met with mass confusion.

The promotion has already registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission in a related move to legalize betting on matches. That being said, the Colorado Division of Gaming has stated that it is not currently considering or planning to allow sports betting on WWE matches.


A spokesperson for the division explained that Colorado currently has a statute in place that prohibits bets on events with predicted or fixed outcomes, such as the Academy Awards. Therefore, it is not possible for WWE betting to be legal in Colorado at this time.

WWE has enlisted the help of accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) to ensure the security of scripted match results, in order to convince regulators that there is no chance of leaks to the public. EY and other firms such as PwC have a history of working with award shows like the Academy Awards and the Emmys to keep results confidential. It remains to be seen how effective this measure will be in persuading regulators to allow betting on WWE matches.

This change for WWE would be drastic, because match results would need to be locked in, and kept secret from everyone including talent and creative, months in advance. Obviously, there are a lot of issues with keeping the results of matches a secret from talent until just before the show, because it really eliminates the possibility of match planning.

Are you down to bet on WWE matches? Would this ruin pro wrestling as we know it? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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