WWE has seen some of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time. One of them who sits near the very top of that list is D-Von Dudley. The Dudleyville resident proved himself to be pioneer in the world of tag team wrestling, alongside his longtime partner Bubba Ray Dudley. Moreover, he had a successful stint as a WWE producer and would be willing to return to that role if the management needed him.

D-Von Dudley has spoken very highly of the current WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H, who leads the charge in WWE today. Furthermore, the former Reverend had worked closely with The Game over the years in developing the future of the company.

However, that run came to an end last January as D-Von Dudley announced his departure from the company. In recent interview with WrestlingNews.co, D-Von disclosed that the door was open for him to return to WWE and he would do so if Triple H wanted him back.

“I told Paul, ‘If you ever need me to come back to NXT, I’m there and I’ll be there for you. My door’s always open to Paul. I’m not saying that it’s not open to Vince, but I have a stronger relationship, I feel, with Triple H. There’s nothing bad about that. I don’t have an issue with Vince. I talked to Hunter a little bit more than I did with Vince and I think Paul understood me and understood me very well. I even wrote him in a text message telling him thank you for everything because I really admired him for where he came from in terms of in the business and the position that he’s in right now, and my loyalty lies with Paul. So if Paul wanted me to come back and do NXT, then I would come back, but right now I just want to enjoy myself and be with my family.”


D-Von Dudley is one of the most celebrated legends in wrestling. He along with Bubba Ray Dudley was part of the highly popular tag team, The Dudley Boyz, reigning as the 9-time WWE tag team champions and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018.

Following the end of his in-ring career, D-Von Dudley began using his experience to help in the development of WWE for the future generation. He has worked as a WWE producer and even as a coach at the WWE Performance Center.

The former tag team champion has been an asset for WWE, both as an in-ring performer and executive. So it would be exciting and fruitful for the company to bring D-Von Dudley back into the management and have him work under the regime led by his longtime friend, Triple H.

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