WWE NXT Superstars are in the public eye all the time, and everything they do online can be seen by fans. Watchful fans of Valentina Feroz noticed that she liked an insensitive post, and now she is coming forward to address her actions.

The WWE NXT Superstar was caught Feroz liking a video of a politician making fun of trans women. During the video, he says, “men who want to be women are taking the place of real women.” This was quickly called out by a fan who put Valentina Feroz in her place.

One fan tweeted out photographic evidence of Valentina Feroz’s liked post, and a caption to explain what was going on. Obviously, this post went a bit viral, and it landed on Feroz’s radar.

Valentina Feroz liked a video of a politician making fun of trans women and saying “Men who want to be women are taking the place of real women” My friend confronted her & this was her response She then unliked the post & blocked my friend afterwards


Valentina Feroz came forward, and she owned up to this. She tweeted out an apology to fans has owned up to her mistake, while chalking everything up to a misunderstanding.

“Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I already explained to you I have no prejudice with anyone. Everyone has a free will to do what they want. Now I don’t like that you go there and share a photo and keep saying a lot of things. I have more to do. I don’t want to be rude, I won’t talk about it anymore. You can say whatever you want. I won’t answer you anymore. The best thing is silence.”

“I am here to apologize for what happened on my Instagram. I support and protect trans rights. I support respect, love and peace. Love always overcomes hate and prejudice.”

We can only hope that Valentina Feroz learned something from this situation. She has definitely discovered that fans are paying close attention to every click she makes on social media.

What’s your take on the post that Valentina Feroz posted? Sound off in the comments section to let us know what you think!

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