WWE has a lot of people on their NXT roster who could make a big splash on the main roster someday. Sadly, Sarray will not stick around to see what RAW or SmackDown’s bright lights can offer her.

It was reported last night that Sarray is leaving WWE NXT. She made that clear via an interview with Toyko Sports. This came as bit of a surprise, especially considering all the work WWE put into signing her in the first place.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer painted a couple of different scenarios for what might be going on with Sarray. It was not 100% confirmed why she made the choice to leave WWE, but it was also obvious that she wasn’t being used in NXT.

Her contract is up in a week, and then she’s gonna make an announcement that she’s back in Japan. I don’t know if they, you know, they haven’t used her since August, so they might have cut her. They have lost complete interest in her. Or, she said that ‘I don’t wanna do nothing when I’m 26-years-old and not wrestle,’ so she may not have wanted to renew. I don’t know which is is, but she’s done. She hasn’t been used at all.”


There was a lot of hope for Sarray in WWE, but her time in WWE’s developmental brand is done. Only time will tell if she finds her way to AEW eventually, but it sounds like she is going back to Japan first.

Sarray’s fans were not happy about how WWE used her, and they were also worried about the amount of television time she was missing. Now, their questions are answered as Sarray has made it very clear that she is done with WWE, for whichever reason she decided to go with.

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