The Undertaker is a legend in the pro wrestling ring, and all that grinding finally saw a Hall of Fame induction this year. His career is in the rearview mirror, and the locker room leader has been credited for several things over the years, but few have ever accused the Deadman of being unsafe in the ring. That is apparently a sentiment that Hulk Hogan once held.

The Undertaker once spoke about Hulk Hogan during a conversation with ESPN. He disclosed to the outlet that Hogan actually made a big deal out of the Tombstone piledriver that he took at Survivor Series.

Hulk Hogan apparently didn’t like how The Undertaker executed the move, and this led to a very short title reign for the Deadman.

“Hogan claims that I hurt him on the Tombstone during the pay-per-view. So I’m thinking to myself, like I didn’t find out until Tuesday, I knew there was gonna be another pay-per-view, but I didn’t know I was going to drop the belt back, or what was going on. That came up out of nowhere.”


The story continued as The Undertaker said that Hulk Hogan laid on the floor of Vince McMahon’s office after Survivor Series. Then he asked to speak with his family on the phone. At that time, he thought that WWE’s higher ups lost faith in his drawing power.

“I kinda figured, ‘Oh, okay, maybe it [abrupt title loss] is because he’s telling everybody that I hurt him,'” Calaway continued. “Hulk was still the golden goose at the time, so I’m thinking, ‘Okay, they’re gonna take this off of me because they can’t trust me,’ or whatnot. It really wasn’t explained to me what the reasoning was behind it.” 

The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are both finished with their in-ring careers, but things were certainly hot for the business when they were lacing up their boots. Only time will tell how many of these stories are out there left to be told, but we can’t wait to bring them to you here at Ringside News.

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