Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have earned reputation as one of the most accomplished tag teams of the past decade in professional wrestling. Their legacy is nothing short of extraordinary. However, after enduring a demanding schedule in 2022, FTR made the decision to take a break from the sport. Despite their absence, they made a triumphant return at AEW Revolution. Nevertheless, it appears that their position in AEW has remained unaffected.

FTR made their long-awaited comeback to AEW at Revolution. They confronted the Gunns, who had just defended their AEW Tag Team Titles in a high-octane four-way match.

This marked FTR’s first appearance on AEW television since their loss to the Gunns on the December 21st episode of AEW Dynamite. The Gunns had even gone as far as holding a mock funeral for FTR on a subsequent episode of AEW Dynamite, seemingly dismissing any possibility of their return.

While speaking on FTR with Matt Koon, Dax Harwood addressed reports that their absence was storyline based and “the belief” was they had re-signed with the company. Harwood made it clear that FTR’s status in AEW is unchanged regardless of their appearance.


According to Harwood, there has been no significant change in their relationship with Tony Khan and AEW. The decision to return was prompted by a call from Khan, which came about five days prior to the pay-per-view. It is unclear whether Khan had heard a podcast in which Harwood had expressed their willingness to come back to wrestling and to do right by the business.

Dax Harwood emphasized that he and Cash Wheeler are not looking to play games or hold anyone up. While money is a significant factor, their ultimate goal is to find happiness in their work. They acknowledge that there are many options available to them, but believe that Tony Khan is at the forefront of changing the industry. Over the past few years, Khan has demonstrated his ability to revolutionize professional wrestling, and Harwood and Wheeler are excited to be a part of that movement.

Zero has changed. We got a call from Tony, this was maybe five days before the pay-per-view. I don’t know, I’m just guessing. He either heard a clip, this was the podcast where the headline was, I said we were ready to comeback, our bodies were healed, we wanted to do right by business because we are contracted. Cash and I aren’t trying to hold up anybody. We’re not trying to play the game, ‘they’re offering us this, they’re gonna offer us this.’ It’s not about that. Money is a big factor, but it’s about what’s going to make us happy. There are a ton of options. Tony Khan is onto something incredible, changing the industry, over the last three or four years, he’s done exactly that. Whatever you want to say, he’s completely changed our industry.

For monetary gain, I would never play someone, especially someone as who I’m as close to as I am with Tony, especially someone who I was close to with Hunter [Triple H], who I owe a lot to. I would never play that for monetary gain. Our choice, right now, is strictly on happiness. The pros of staying in AEW is the great schedule where I can come home and be with my family. The pros of WWE is they are the number one money making wrestling company in the world. They can offer us a great deal, but I don’t feel we could have the kind of schedule we would like.

Another pro for AEW is that, unless Tony changes his mind come April, we would be able to do independent bookings, great relationship with New Japan, doing Comic Cons and meeting our fans. In WWE, they’re on a creative high right now and I think they could keep that creative high up. They are the number one wrestling promotion, one of the top entertainment acts in the world, and have a proven track record. Strictly comes down to happiness. I don’t want to say that report is right or wrong because it doesn’t matter. Half the people are going to on Twitter and say I’m lying or trying to work.

These reports are going to say what they want, and that’s okay. I will say, nothing has changed and please allow everything to play out and come April, you’ll be able to understand what we’re doing and where we’re going.”

Harwood said FTR will be in San Francisco for the March 8 episode of AEW Dynamite, but wasn’t sure what they will be doing on the show. We will have to wait and see what will become of FTR in the end.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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