Candice Michelle is former WWE Women’s Champion and was one of the mainstays of the women’s division during the mid-2000s. She was beloved star during her time in the company, and there is a good reason for that. That being said, Michelle has not been seen on WWE television for a very long time now. It seems there is a good reason for her absence as well.

Candice Michelle was largely involved in numerous feuds over the years during her time in the company, competing against the likes of Victoria, Melina, and Mickie James to name just a few WWE Superstars.

During Candice Michelle’s time in WWE, which was the Divas era, they were not given the chance to compete in a Royal Rumble match of their own. Due to this, she wanted to compete during this year’s Royal Rumble match, but it never came to fruition.

While speaking to, Candice Michelle talked about the reason for her absence from WWE television. Michelle expressed that she has taken a step back from her personal life, having had three children and not being as active on social media as other former wrestlers.


Candice Michelle has been focused on raising her children and is now preparing for the next stage of her career. She feels a sense of disconnection from her fans and misses the connection with them, wondering about their current lives and appearance. Candice has undergone several recent transitions and health issues, so while it’s not her time to return to the limelight now, she hopes to do so next year.

“I think that I’ve really taken such a step back in my personal life. You know, I’ve had three kids. I haven’t been present on social media like a lot of the other former wrestlers. I really dived into my personal life and raising these children and now just going into where my career is going next, and that hasn’t really been live on social media so much.

So I think maybe, just missing that connection of them. Who are you now? What are you doing now? What do you look like now? In essence, just me kind of getting back into that present world. I’ve gone through many transitions recently and had some health issues lately and so it’s actually good that it’s not my time right now, but I’m coming out of that so maybe next year at this time when it happens.”

Candice Michelle was advertised for RAW Legends Night back in January 2021, but she claims the company falsely promoted her. Despite feeling a disconnection from her fans, Michelle is preparing for the next stage of her career and hopes to return to the limelight next year.

Do you miss watching her on WWE television? What are your thoughts on the Divas era and the changes made to women’s wrestling in recent years? Sound off in the comments below!

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