Hulk Hogan and his two cohorts, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, collectively known as the ‘nWo’, revolutionized how wrestling was seen during the heights of the Monday Night Wars. Despite being teammates, Hogan and Nash were established singles stars in their own right, contributing to the faction’s success. Big Daddy Cool recently highlighted why he did not have heat with the Hulkster.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were initially not liked by Hulk Hogan when the nWo faction in WCW first emerged. Nash recently shared his perspective on how the original trio of members felt about one another.

At WCW Bash at the Beach in 1996, Hulk Hogan unexpectedly turned heel and allied himself with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Moreover, before the storyline started, The Hulkster claimed on a recent episode of A&E Biography: WWE Legends that none of them liked each other.

However, Kevin Nash wanted to give some clarification on Hulk Hogan’s statement. The WWE Hall of Famer emphasized that Hogan was probably alluding to their divergent perspectives on the wrestling profession on the recent episode of his Kliq This podcast.


“I just think he was used to doing business a certain way, and we were used to doing business a certain way. I mean, you get Scott and I together, there’s a chance one of us might be mistaken, but two of us together? If we both decide it’s correct, no, we’re right and there’s more of us.” 

Furthermore, Kevin Nash even denied rumors that he and his late best friend, Scott Hall had issues with Hulk Hogan in the past.

“No, because at the same time people have to realize we’re both marks for the guy. Everybody’s a mark for f***ing Hulk.” 

The nWo is regarded as one of the greatest wrestling stables of all time. It was the year 2020 that saw the induction of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman as members of the nWo into the WWE Hall of Fame. Their legacy will obviously live on forever.

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