Bryan Danielson’s WWE career was filled with many tremendously high and low points both at the same time. Bryan’s fame peaked at the WrestleMania 30 season, however, a few weeks later, he would relinquish the World Championship he had won at the event due to injury. Moreover, during that time when Bryan was wrestling, WWE producer Jamie Noble helped produce safer matches for him.

Bryan Danielson’s rigorous wrestling style and the submission grips he used at the time never resulted in an injury, despite his struggling with neck injuries on the Road to WrestleMania. Moreover, for that, Bryan Danielson has WWE producer Jamie Noble to thank.

The American Dragon noted how crucial a role Jamie Noble had in producing his matches in an interview with The Ringer. But at first, Bryan Danielson elaborated on his injuries during WrestleMania 30 season.

“In the lead-up to [WrestleMania 30], my neck was so bad and the shooting pain down my arm. And there was one point where I had to wrestle, like, I don’t know how many matches, it was in one night on a Raw. I was exhausted because I had done a whole weekend of live events and I was just having problems putting things together.”


Bryan’s Danielson matches were safe thanks to Jamie Noble. The former WWE superstar helped The American Dragon get through this challenging period in regard to his health.

And Jamie, because, one, he’s so good, but two, he knows all my stuff, he essentially put the matches together for me, and the ability to just focus on getting physically ready and not have to mentally put together a match, that was such a blessing at the time. … I love putting matches together, you know what I mean? I did then. It’s just that when you only have so much energy and you’re in so much pain, it’s like him taking that off my plate was such a blessing.”

Bryan Danielson is currently a mainstay in Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling. He is set to challenge MJF for the AEW World championship at AEW Revolution in a high-stakes title bout.

Jamie Noble played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of Bryan Danielson’s wrestling matches during WrestleMania 30 season, helping him to overcome his neck injury struggles. Thanks to Noble’s expertise, Danielson was able to focus on his physical preparation and leave the mental aspect of match preparation to his producer. Now a mainstay in AEW, Danielson is set for a high-stakes title bout at AEW Revolution, and his fans continue to marvel at his impressive skills in the ring.

Do you think that Bryan Danielson has another run in WWE in him? Will he never leave AEW and retire with Tony Khan’s company? Sound off in the comments section to let us know what you think!

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