Roman Reigns’ impact on the WWE was nothing short of amazing after his stunning comeback a couple of years ago. By capturing the Universal Championship and securing his status as the Undisputed Champion, he quickly established himself as a powerful force. However, the monster heel Tribal Chief recently broke character to acknowledge of the member of the WWE universe.

Roman Reigns is not known to be friendly these days due to his heel persona. However, a fan recently posted on Twitter about her experience of meeting the Head of The Table, jokingly claiming to acknowledge only this one instance.

“ROMAN ACKNOWLEDGED ME!!!!! For this photo I mean haha 😅 He’s such a nice guy just for stopping for me! Sadly I still had to boo him at the show haha 😂 But it’s all love here! Now I can I Acknowledge Him. For this one instance haha. Thank you @WWERomanReigns.”

Roman Reigns has held onto his championship reign for more than two years. Several fans have been motivated by his unmatched dominance in the ring, which has cemented his status as one of the biggest performers in modern professional wrestling. It makes sense that many people view him as the sport’s supreme champion.


The Tribal Chief has become one of the cruelest antagonists in the history of professional wrestling in the eyes of the crowd. Furthermore, Roman Reigns has done so after defeating every significant hero throughout his historic world title reign.

As a result, Roman Reigns has solidified his place among the greatest and most dreadful superstars in WWE history. While his tenure as champion continues to break records and cement his reputation as a real icon of the sport, his incredible performances in the ring have won him the respect and admiration of fans all over the world.

Roman Reigns’ reign as the Undisputed Champion has solidified his place among the greatest and most formidable superstars in WWE history. Despite his heel persona, a recent Twitter post by a fan highlights the fact that Reigns is also capable of showing kindness and humility.

The Tribal Chief’s unmatched dominance in the ring and impressive performances have garnered the respect and admiration of fans worldwide, cementing Roman Reigns’ status as an icon in the sport of professional wrestling. As his championship reign continues to break records, it is evident that Roman Reigns is a force to be reckoned with in the world of wrestling. He also might keep winning over fans along the way, because he’s really a nice guy in real life.

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