The 4 Horsemen is one of the most legendary stables in pro wrestling history. The WCW faction is often used as a benchmark for modern factions to live up to. Although it was quite successful in WCW, one of the founding members believes it would not have seen the same success in the WWE.

On his latest edition of Ask Arn Anything, Arn Anderson was questioned by a fan about how the 4 Horsemen would fare in the WWE if Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and himself were part of it at the same time. Anderson recounted a few anecdotes from when he was refused to acknowledge the Four Horsemen when he joined the WWE.

“The first night we [Tully Blanchard and Arn] walked out in a WWE arena, everybody in the building was doing this [four fingers]. And we didn’t know, we weren’t told, so we did it back. Place went crazy. When we came back through the curtain we were greeted, and said… no more. Do not do the four fingers, do not acknowledge it, do not refer to it.”

Arn Anderson brought up WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s disapproval of anything not founded in the WWE. It further drove home the fact that The Four Horsemen couldn’t have even seen the light of the day due to Vince’s creative direction.


“Rather than build on that momentum that [Vince] already had, he had a red hot commodity walk into his company, they wanted to squash it and start over, because it was not their creation. Now how foolish is that? It’s like you’re on [TV show] Naked and Afraid. You’re trying to make a fire.”

“Okay, the fire flames up! You get one ember and scoot it over here to the side, and throw a bucket on the big fire. “I want to do this on my own. So we’ll stick with the ember, we’re just going to throw the bucket of water on the fire over here that is flaming.”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to praise WWE for the direction they took for Cody Rhodes. Anderson has previously talked about how The American Nightmare is missed in AEW.

We’ll have to see if WWE programming pays tribute to the 4 Horsemen in the years to come. After all, Triple H might see things a bit differently, as he appreciates pro wrestling history outside exclusive WWE moments. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

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