Tony Khan is well known for his love of and commitment to professional wrestling. The fans have connected with him since he established himself as a true fan and enthusiast of the sport. He has been credited for the creation of AEW, which has increased the wrestling industry’s appreciation and respect for him. However, recently he gave some insight into one of his superstar’s statuses in the company, Eddie Kingston.

This week on Dynamite, Eddie Kingston didn’t have a great night, and he’s had enough. As a result, Kingston left the company, which shocked fans all across the world. The AEW locker room did not consider this announcement to be a wise one either.

During the weekend, Eddie Kingston took part in the ROH tapings. He was anticipated to be a featured act for the organization, thus that may be what prompted him to leave AEW. Nonetheless, Eddie Kingston seemed to have made his argument in any case.

Ever since Eddie Kingston seemingly quit AEW, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding his status in the company. On the AEW Revolution media call, Tony Khan responded to a question about Kingston’s position in AEW.


“I have talked to Eddie since [Wednesday], and I would encourage people to stay tuned to pro wrestling. Stay tuned to AEW and other forms of pro wrestling. Of course, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the sport, in AEW, and also out metaverse of pro wrestling, including New Japan and the launch of the new Ring of Honor. A lot of exciting things happening. I have had the chance to talk to Eddie about that and I say stay tuned to the wrestling business and you’ll see what happens next.”

Wrestlers may work for both AEW and ROH, thus Tony Khan’s organization may be taking a different approach with Kingston. We’ll have to wait and watch how it plays out regarding Eddie Kingston’s situation.

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