Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks did not appreciate what CM Punk had to say during the media scrum after All Out. This led to a locker room brawl, one that also saw Ace Steel bite Omega, which caused his termination from the company. Now, CM Punk is still out of action, but The Elite have returned. Still, it’s hard to move past a situation like that.

Kenny Omega recently sat down with Renee Paquette on The Sessions. During that time, The Cleaner reflected on how AEW has been after that Brawl Out situation. He said it did lead to a strange atmosphere upon his return, but now it’s like the whole thing never happened.

“I was happy that we were moving forward in a direction that didn’t necessarily require me. I felt that now was a good time to get the stuff taken care of. Then I felt like, eight months had passed, and it was time to come back, and it was kind of like the GIF of the dude walking in with the pizza boxes and the whole room was on fire. I didn’t get it. What’s with this strange atmosphere? What’s with this strange aura? Why does something feel so ominous right now? I didn’t know, and I couldn’t figure it out. Next thing you knew, there was more stuff happening. It’s so surreal because it’s almost like it never happened.

It happened, of course it happened. I hadn’t even gotten familiar, or unfamiliar, with my surroundings backstage with the new AEW because there were new people in the locker room. A lot happened in eight months. To come back and see old faces and be like, ‘Hey,’ but then feel this eerie, to feel like I was in Eerie, Indiana for a second. Then, stranger things started happening and I was like, ‘Oh man, what do I do? This isn’t right. Someone needs to be the voice of reason. This is silly.’ Things fell off the rails and we were involved in a very silly situation that people are probably going to be talking about for months and possibly years to come, I don’t know,” he said, referring to the altercation with Punk.


Pro wrestling fans love to speculate on every situation they can. Kenny Omega understands this, and went on to commentate himself on the whole situation and how it was perceived.

“I’ve been involved in competitive sports, contact sports, at the highest level. Some people on our roster have, some have not. I feel like, if you have, you’ve probably been in a spat or two with a teammate and maybe, sometimes, it might come to blows. It happens.

Coming from that sort of background, there was a point to it all when I felt like, ‘This just happens, we’re going to get over it, let’s just calm down and talk it over, we’re all doing okay here. We’re getting it out of our system, no problem, but let’s just maybe stop.’ We just don’t live in that world anymore, I suppose. Especially now, when you’re in a multi-billion dollar industry when there are sponsorships on the line, TV deals on the line, it’s not like high school football or a little tiff you might have with someone on your amateur wrestling team or someone held a submission too long in jiu-jitsu training, it’s not that. These things shouldn’t even be happening.

It’s a shame that the general public and a lot of people aren’t ever going to know what went down and how it could have been prevented or how it could have ended differently. That’s just how things go in a big business operation. I don’t think anyone is happy that it happened or is proud that it happened or anything like that. Across the board, I think everyone thinks it was a terrible situation that was unnecessary.”

We will have to see how these events affect the future of AEW. CM Punk has yet to make his return to pro wrestling since the whole ordeal. He has also been injured, and dealing with that suspension.

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