CM Punk launched vicious tirade against Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, and The Young Bucks during the post-AEW All Out media scrum. His critical comments significantly damaged his reputation inside AEW, and the ensuing brawl only made matters worse. However, the current AEW legend Mark Henry did not agree with the idea of Punk being cancer, as he was labeled a few weeks ago.

Mark Henry has been considered one of the most accomplished wrestling stars of all time. He has been in the business for a long time and now lends his expertise to the development of young talent.

Mark Henry, a talent scout, coach, and commentator currently employed by AEW, strongly disagrees with the statement of CM Punk being bad for the business. Henry stressed this week on “Busted Open Radio” how crucial Punk is to the professional wrestling industry.

“He’s not a cancer. He’s opinionated, but he’s also a teacher and supporter. I’ve seen him do stuff he didn’t have to do. He just did it because he loved the business and he wanted to make that wrestler better.”


Since the controversial All Out media scrum in September of last year, the former two-time AEW World Champion has not participated in the promotion. Nothing currently on the table suggests CM Punk will be making a comeback, but Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks have all since done so. Henry wants to see that change.

 “I think that he’s good for pro wrestling. At the end of the day, he’s good for business. He’s good for the education of those young wrestlers he took a liking to.”

Mark Henry underlined the need for CM Punk and The Elite to have an individual “Come to Jesus” moment. This could prove crucial for AEW programming to have all of them back on television.

“They’re gonna have to sit together without Tony, just them guys and not throw hands. If and when it comes to that, it’s something he’d love to help with. “I love all parties involved, I would love to mediate the situation. But keep the issue on the issue, and not make it personal … Make it about wrestling. Make it about the issue at hand, and not the individual. Then you can solve it.”

As he is out with triceps injury, CM Punk and The Elite have not patched things up. In the coming months, CM Punk might potentially join AEW once again. We’ll have to wait and watch what’s in store for the Best in the World in regard to AEW.

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