AEW recently filmed a batch of episodes for their YouTube series, Dark, at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The matches from these tapings will be aired over the coming weeks. Fans can catch AEW Dark every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern Time on AEW’s YouTube channel.

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The order might be different once AEW airs the episodes because Tony Khan can stack the shows however he wishes. Dark features both AEW-contracted wrestlers and various independent talents.

In the opening match of AEW Dark, Parker Bordreaux emerged victorious against Vinny Pacifico, using his brute strength and impressive athleticism to dominate his opponent.


Peter Avalon secured a win over Dean Alexander and used the opportunity to cut a fiery promo about his upcoming match with Chris Jericho on Dynamite. He spoke about his determination to prove himself as a top wrestler and claimed that he would defeat Jericho in their upcoming bout.

In a hard-fought match, Julia Hart overcame the challenge of Zoe Lane (or Zoey Skye), showcasing her speed and agility to outmaneuver her opponent and pick up the win.

In an action-packed match, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh defeated the trio of Jackson Drake, Jay Malachi, and Oliver Sawyer. Following the match, Jarrett, Lethal, and Singh were interviewed by Tony Schiovane, where they discussed their upcoming tag team title match at Revolution and their plans to emerge victorious.

Juice Robinson secured an impressive victory over Leon Ruffin, using his technical wrestling skills and hard-hitting strikes to overpower his opponent.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver worked together seamlessly to defeat The Outrunners in an intense tag team match, displaying their chemistry and teamwork throughout.

Riho emerged triumphant against Diamanté, utilizing her speed and agility to evade her opponent’s attacks and deliver powerful strikes to secure the win.

Leila Grey emerged victorious against Kiera Hogan, executing a roll-up pin to secure the victory in a closely contested match.

In an exciting match that lasted over 12 minutes, Action Andretti defeated Lee Johnson with Cole Karter, using a reverse neckbreaker to secure the hard-fought victory.

Sonny Kiss, with the help of Slim J and Jeeves Kay, defeated Terry Kidd, showcasing his impressive athleticism and flashy moves to secure the win.

The Iron Savages overcame the team of Cezar Bononi and Ryan Nemeth in an intense and physical match, using their strength and power to dominate their opponents.

The Renegades, consisting of Charlette and Robyn, secured a hard-fought victory against the duo of Mafiosa and Avery Breaux, utilizing their impressive teamwork and agility to overcome their opponents.

Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr, with the guidance of Arn Anderson, defeated Moses and O’Shay Edwards in a thrilling match, using their technical wrestling skills and powerful strikes to secure the win.

In a fast-paced match that lasted around 6-7 minutes, Toni Storm emerged victorious against Billie Starkz, despite appearing to suffer a minor injury during the match.

AR Fox put on an impressive display of athleticism and high-flying moves to defeat Nick Comoroto, who suffered a small cut above his right eye during the intense match.

Skye Blue overcame Queen Aminata in an exciting match, using her speed and agility to dodge her opponent’s attacks and secure the win.

Evil Uno emerged victorious against Alexander Moss, using his technical wrestling skills and powerful strikes to overcome his opponent.

Marina Shafir secured a hard-fought victory against Steph De Lander, using her strength and grappling skills to overpower her opponent.

In a closely contested match, Zack Clayton emerged victorious against Schaff, utilizing his quick strikes and technical wrestling abilities to secure the win.

Top Flight, consisting of Dante Martin and Darius Martin, secured an impressive victory against the team of Adrian Alanis and Liam Gray, using their high-flying moves and impressive teamwork to dominate their opponents.

In the 21st match of the night, Brady Booker emerged victorious over Serpentico, using his signature Torture Rack finisher to secure the win.

In the following bout, Konosuke Takeshita faced off against Cole Karter with Lee Johnson at ringside. After the match, Lee Johnson attacked Takeshita, but Orange Cassidy came to the rescue. Cassidy laid out Johnson on the ramp before helping Takeshita up and putting his trademark sunglasses on him.

Later in the night, Tony Khan made an announcement that before the ROH show, there will be a match taped for AEW Dark featuring Orange Cassidy and Danhausen.

It’s evident that Tony Khan is actively building a vast library of content for AEW through tapings like these. AEW Dark used to be taped before and after each episode of Dynamite and featured segments that highlighted the previous week’s Dynamite along with interviews with AEW personalities.

Initially, AEW Dark was hosted by Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez in a studio known as the “AEW Control Center.” It started as a sister program to Dynamite and was marketed as the go-to place for AEW’s dark matches.

Currently, AEW Dark is called by Justin Roberts and Dasha Gonzalez, but in the past, the show has been voiced by renowned commentators Jim Ross and Excalibur.

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