Charlotte Flair’s many championship victories in WWE have sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some expressing concern that she may be overexposed. However, her remarkable talents in the ring are widely recognized and cannot be denied. She is currently a babyface in WWE, which is something tough for her.

Charlotte Flair recently made her surprise return to WWE. This time around, she is playing a warmer and more babyface version of her original character. For the majority of her career, Charlotte Flair has been booked as a heel and she hss always seemed more at ease in the role. Fans also loved booing her as well.

While speaking to the Daytona Beach News Journal, Charlotte Flair talked about being a Babyface. Flair then explained why it is difficult for her to be a babyface.

The next week, we were in Memphis, and there was a group of kids just standing there and screaming my name after the show. Before, it was like, “How do I be bad? How do I get people to boo me? How can I be most hated? I’m naturally unlikable.” Just seeing how excited to kids are to see me, reaching for me and wanting to touch me and the smiles, it’s really softened me a lot. No matter the critics, no matter response — boos, cheers, ‘Woos’ — it’s just for them, being a role model for them.


On paper, I just look like the bad guy — Ric Flair’s daughter, 5-foot-10, athletic, blonde, 14 titles. It’s very hard to connect or find, other than a father-daughter relationship, a way for the Charlotte character to connect to the audience. ‘Why should we cheer for her? She has everything. Or how do I relate to her? I don’t know what that’s like.’ So I’ve just ramped all those things up for the last couple things up for the past couple years. You say everything is because of my dad? I’ll ramp that up. And just talking about being good (in the ring), people don’t like things that shine.

Being a good guy, in the Rocky stories, I always feel like I’m Apollo (Creed). You don’t see me in the gym, without my makeup, wearing my old T-shirt and five-year-old tennis shoes in my garage; you think Ric Flair’s daughter, born with a silver spoon, with the best coaches in luxury training facilities. You don’t see me as Rocky. And that’s the greatest good-guy story of all time, overcoming as an underdog. To be a good ‘good guy,’ you have to have people want to root for you and overcome something.”

Charlotte Flair also believes her match with Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39 should be the main event. We’ll have to wait and see how the match will turn out in April.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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