It’s WWE’s final premium live event before WrestleMania 39. This year’s Elimination Chamber PLE will emanate from the iconic Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 28, 2023. The results coverage for WWE Elimination Chamber will begin at 8:00 p.m. ET, with a a kickoff show set for 7:00 p.m. ET.

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The 2023 Elimination Chamber premium live event will be main evented by hometown hero Sami Zayn as he looks to dethrone Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. The event will also see the third, and possibly the final, one-on-one meeting between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.

Fans in attendance and at home watching will be treated to two marquee Elimination Chamber matches as well. The Men’s Elimination Chamber match will have the United States Championship on the line, whereas the Women’s Elimination Chamber match will determine the next challenger for the RAW Women’s Championship.


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Another hometown hero will make his return to the Great White North as Edge teams up with wife Beth Phoenix to take on Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley in a mixed tag team match. Check out the complete line-up for the event below:

  • Liv Morgan vs. Asuka vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Cross – Elimination Chamber match for a WWE RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 39
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley – Singles Match
  • Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley – Mixed Tag Team Match
  • Austin Theory (c) Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed – Elimination Chamber match for the WWE United States Championship
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sami Zayn – Singles match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

WWE Elimination Chamber Opener

We have our usual “Then, Now, Forever, Together” intro. The official Elimination Chamber intro is up next. The video package shows the feuds and segments leading up to tonight. Michael Cole welcomes fans in attendance and at home watching to the “final premium live event before WrestleMania.” Cole says the last time they were in Montreal was for a PPV event was at Survivor Series 1997.

Liv Morgan vs. Asuka vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Cross – Elimination Chamber match for a WWE RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 39

The Women’s Elimination Chamber opens the show. Asuka’s music hits and she’s the first participant to enter the pod. A huge pop for the Empress of Tomorrow at the Bell Centre. Carmella enters the chamber next. She taunts Asuka by slamming her pod door. Raquel Rodriguez is the third participant. The powerhouse has a staredown with both Asuka and Carmella before she enters her pod.

Nikki Cross is up next. The Mad Sister is sprinting to the chamber, but stops midway to absorb the look of the cage. Nikki Cross locks eyes with Asuka. Natalya is the fifth participant. A huge pop for the native, who puts her signature glasses on a female fan ringside. The Boat taunts the other four participants already in their pod.

Liv Morgan is the sixth and final participant in the match. A decent pop for the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. Cole reminds us that Liv Morgan is entering her fourth Elimination Chamber match. The match kicks off with Natalya and Liv. A lot of back and fourth between the two stars. Headlock, sprint, pin attempt. They take the match to the outside. Liv now has the advantage over Nattie and is continuously slamming her against the chains. Liv gives her a kiss on the check. Natalya avoids a run-in by Liv and shoves her to the pod holding Nikki Cross. The crowd chants “one more time.”

The countdown begins. Raquel Rodriguez enters the match and immediately attacks Natalya inside the ring. Raquel picks up and slams Natalya. She sends Nattie and Liv into each other, and destroys them with a splash. A fall-away slam on Natalya. Raquel once again picks up Natalya and slams her against the chains. Morgan leaps on Raquel. Natalya takes advantage of the distraction to slam them both against the chains. Nattie and Liv takes the action the ring. Natalya counters with a sharpshooter. Morgan avoids. Raquel joins the action, but Nattie takes her and Liv out.

We have another countdown and Nikki Cross is next. She immediately attacks everyone inside the ring. Cross sends the other three competitors to the outside. She takes out Liv Morgan is a face-first to the support beams of the chamber. Nikki is using the environment to her advantage. Nikki taunts Carmella, who’s still inside her pod. Nikki goes up to Carmella’s pod and takes out her jacket. She then delivers a cross body taking everyone including her out.

Another countdown and Carmella enters the game. She immediately tries to pin Nattie and Liv, but fails to eliminate them. Nikki Cross runs after Carmella, who locks her in her pod. Raquel picks up Nikki and runs smashes straight into Mella’s pod. Carmella escapes in the nick of time. Raquel pins Nikki Cross, and we’ve our first elimination of the match. The match continues. Liv Morgan climbs on top of Asuka’s pod. Nattie and Raquel are on the top turnbuckle.

Liv Morgan delivers a sunset powerbomb on Raquel. Carmella attempts another pin on Raquel, but fails this time as well. Elsewhere, the clock goes off and Asuka enters the match. The demonic Asuka immediately goes after Carmella, taking her out with a sliding kick followed by a released German suplex. Asuka and Raquel lock eyes. The powerhouse uses her strength to her advantage, but Asuka counters with a stretch lock.

Liv Morgan takes down Asuka with a drop kick. Carmella hits a superkick on Liv midway on her Code Red. Natalya locks Liv in a sharpshooter. Asuka joins the submission. Morgan passes out due to exhaustion and is eliminated. Carmella takes advantage and eliminates Natalya. We’re down to three.

A series of superkicks by Asuka take out Raquel. Carmella pins Raquel as well. We’re now down to two: Asuka and Carmella. Mella performs a roll-up, but fails to grab the win. A couple of back and forth. Asuka locks in an armbar and submits Carmella for the win. Asuka will now face Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39. Asuka goes to the turnbuckle and points to the Mania sign. The match between Asuka and the E.S.T. is made official.

Winner and new no. 1 contender: Asuka!

We see a video package for Ronda Rousey. We see Natalya and Paul Heyman delivering praise for the Baddest Woman on the Planet. The vignette showcases her accomplishments so far in WWE, including her Royal Rumble and SmackDown Championship wins. We then see a recap of Ronda’s alliance with Shayna Baszler.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley – Singles Match

We see the promo for the rubber match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. The promo recaps Brock’s humiliating elimination at the Royal Rumble at the hands of The Almighty. It also shows highlights from their previous two singles matches. The match arrives. Bobby Lashley makes his awesome entrance first. The Almighty works the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Brock Lesnar arrives next. The Beast arrives to a huge pop from the Montreal crowd. Lesnar is not in a hurry and takes his time walking to the ring. He looks super focused as well. Brock circles the ring to take a closer look at Lashley. He finally enters the ring. Michael Cole notes that this is the “proverbial rubber match” to determine who is the alpha male between the two.

The match begins. Lesnar lifts Lashley and takes him to the turnbuckle. A couple of shoulder hits to the gut, followed by a belly-to-belly. Lesnar clotheslines Lashley to the outside. So far, the momentum’s in Brock’s favor. The two re-enter the ring. Lashley take out Lesnar with a spear. Pinfall attempt: 2.5 and shoulder up. Another spear by Lashley. No decisive pin this time as well. Lashley attempts a hurt lock. Lesnar counters with an F5. Still no decisive pin. Another F5 to Lashley. Another near fall. Lesnar is shocked.

The crowd chants one more time. Lesnar picks up Lashley for the finisher. Lashley avoids and plants Lesnar with a huge spear. Lashley attempts another hurt lock, and this time he’s got Brock in his massive hands. Brock is fading. A low blow to Lashley and referee calls for the bell. The result of the match has Lashley declared the victor via DQ. Brock is furious.

The referee tries to lift his hands up, only to get destroyed by an F5. Lesnar hits another F5 on Lashley. The crowd wants more. Lesnar takes Lashley to the outside, clears the announcer’s desk, and slams his opponent on it with another F5. Chants of “holy sh*t” erupt. Lesnar’s music hits, but is stopped when he picks up and hits the referee on the destroyed table with another F5.

Lesnar laughs as ringside attendants and the other referees come to the fallen comrade’s aid. Lashley may have won the battle, but Lesnar won the war in shocking turn of events. The segment ends with Lesnar walking to the back.

Winner via disqualification: Bobby Lashley

We see the first Joker-inspired promo for WrestleMania 39, with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch as the stars. Rollins is doing the Joaquin Phoenix Joker dance to the tune of his entrance theme. Becky Lynch grabs him and asks what was that. They have an exchange and Rollins admits that she’s the man.

We see a vignette for Cody Rhodes. We see Ariel Helwani and MMA legend Georges St-Pierre in the crowd. Michael Cole refers to Helwani as an “unbiased” journalist, a subtle shot at Tony Khan. For those wondering, Khan had a bit of an exchange with Helwani on Twitter after WWE SmackDown last night. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley – Mixed Tag Team Match

We are moving to the third match of the night. Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley make their entrance first. They are accompanied by Dominik Mysterio. Balor is donning another mask for tonight’s premium live event. Damian Priest isn’t with the group because he’s got a huge match coming up later tonight.

Edge and Beth Phoenix are next. Edge gets a hero’s welcome. The Gritt Couple pose for their entrance on the ramp. Rhea taunts Beth once they’re inside the ring. The crowd is signing along to Edge’s theme song. The atmosphere is electric. The Rated R Superstar is pumped for some action.

Edge and Balor kicks things off. Edge takes Balor to the turnbuckle. Ten punches to Balor’s head. Edge tags Beth in and they team up on Balor, who finally makes the tag to Rhea. Beth and Rhea finally lock-up. A test of strength turns into clotheslines. Neither of them are willing to go down. Rhea finally takes down Beth. Dominik climbs the apron to offer his advice to Mami. The crowd shows their hate for Dom with NSFW chants. A kick by Rhea to Beth’s gut slows things for the Glamazon. Beth takes down Rhea with a clothesline.

Dominik tries to interfere. Beth goes after him. Rhea tries to make the save but gets slammed into the steel steps. Dominik takes down Beth with a slight interference. Edge chases off Dom, who runs to the back. The 17,000-strong crowd with their “na na na, goodbye” chants. The action continues. Dominik shows up again. The crowd blasts him with “f*ck you” chants. Beth tries to make a tag to Edge, but Balor takes him out by emerging from under the ring. Rhea attempts to dispose Beth with her own finisher from the second rope. Beth counters and hits her hard with brutal chops. Even Dom is feeling them.

A superplex takes out both Beth and Rhea. Edge is still knocked out outside. Balor calls for Rhea to make a tag. Beth and Rhea crawl to their partners. Beth kicks Rhea into Balor. Edge finally arrives in the ring with a hot tag. The Rated R Superstar locks Finn in a submission. Rhea tries to interfere but is taken out with spear by Beth. The Gritt Couple with a double submission attempt. Dominik hands Rhea a pair of brass knuckles. She uses it on Edge. A near fall attempt. Finn goes for the coup de grâce, but Beth stops him by shoving Dom into the post.

The action continues. A double powerbomb and all competitors are knocked out. Dom brings out steel chairs for Mami to use. Rhea taunts Edge as she attempts to hit Beth with the chair. Beth evades and destroys Rhea with a Glam Slam. Edge takes out Balor with an Edgecution. Balor tries to pick things up with a running stomp but Edge counters with a spear. Beth enters the ring and the couple hit a shatter machine on Balor for the win.

Winners: Edge and Beth Phoenix

We see a vignette for The Miz, showcasing all of his incredible WWE accomplishments so far. The promo shows his past feuds with Bad Bunny and Logan Paul as well. We see Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman in a backstage segment. The Tribal Chief is drinking a C4. The Wiseman is giving him the prep talk. The men’s elimination chamber match is up next.

Austin Theory (c) Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed – Elimination Chamber match for the WWE United States Championship

Austin Theory makes his entrance first. The United States Champion looks fully prepared. Michael Cole notes this is the first time the United States Championship is being defended inside the chamber. Theory hands over his belt to the referee, who lifts it up for the eyes to see. Theory enters his pod.

Montez Ford is next, and Montreal is showing some love for him. Ford works the crowd with his incredible charisma. Street Profits’ signature drink cups fall from the top as part of Ford’s presentation for the WWE Elimination Chamber event. This is Ford’s first Elimination Chamber match-up. For Theory, it’s the second time he’s been locked inside the chamber pod.

Bronson Reed is next. The big man points toward Austin Theory who’s observing the action from his pod. Reed gets locked-in in his pod. Damian Priest’s entrance is next. Priest has an awesome headwear for his entrance. He scouts rest of the participants before entering the pod. Johnny Gargano is the fifth participant in the match-up.

Gargano scouts all the pods. Jonah scares him by slamming his own head against the glass. Seth Rollins is next. The Drip God makes his entrance to a huge ovation from the crowd. Seth interacts with the fans as he makes his way to the chamber. The crowd is singing his theme. The action begins with Rollins and Gargano inside the ring. The crowd is super ready for the match.

Seth points to the crowd who can’t stop signing his theme. Rollins and Gargano lock hands. A fast-paced action between the two incredible performers. Gargano attempts a pin. Seth kicks out. Another attempt. Another near fall. The match goes to the outside. Gargano attempts a second rope spear, but Rollins catches him in a pedigree position. Reversal. Gargano takes Rollins out with a second rope spear.

Time passes and Austin Theory enters the ring. Theory immediately attacks Rollins. He slams Gargano head-first into the glass pod. Theory is controlling the pace of match so far. The momentum shifts and Seth and Gargano take turns on him with chops. The champion pleads with Gargano to focus his attention on Rollins. Gargano responds by knocking Theory out. Theory locks himself in his pod. Rollins opens it up from the other side. Gargano and Rollins are beating the hell out of Theory.

The timer goes off and Damian Priest has joined the chat. Priest shows incredible momentum as he delivers a broken arrow on Gargano. Priest plants Rollins with a face-first, followed by a flat liner. Priest is the only man standing so far. Priest grabs Rollins for a modified chokeslam. Rollins reverses, but is caught in his own momentum. Theory tries to enter the match, but is taken out by Priest. All four participants take their turns hitting each other with kicks. Priest prevails. Rollins arrives with a superplex followed by a falcon arrow.

Bronson Reed enters the match and immediately takes out Gargano and Rollins at the same time. Jonah with running splash on his opponents in the corner. Reed picks up both Gargano and Rollins and plants them with a double-stacked Samoan Drop. Reed focuses his attention on Priest. A couple of hard hits and Reed plants Priest with a suplex to the chains. A splash on the glass pod takes out the Judgment Day member completely. A flying shoulder tackle takes out Theory next. Montez Ford arrives and plants Reed with an enziguri.

Ford takes out Theory with a couple of kicks as well. Ford attempts a people’s elbow, but is stopped by Reed in the nick of time. Theory takes advantage of the distraction and lifts Reed off of his feet. Incredible strength, but to no avail as Reed counters it. Seth hits a move on Reed and Gargano follows with a reverse hurricanrana. Ford attempts a pin, but Reed kicks out.

All men are down except Ford, who climbs to the top of the chamber. Ford takes out rest of the five competitors with a dive from the top. The crowd chants “holly shit.” Still no elimination. Reed gets hit with triple supericks. Gargano plants him with a rope-assisted DDT. Ford manages to get the win after a massive frog splash. It’s “na na na, goodbye” for Reed.

Seth Rollins and Theory climb up the chamber. Gargano is climbing on the other side. It’s Gargano and Rollins on top of a pod. The crowd is loud with Rollins’ theme song. Rollins and Gargano are fighting on top of the pod. Rollins hit Gargano’s head against the glass frame. Rollins attempts a massive powerbomb, but Gargano reverses; both falling on their opponents below. An incredible but extremely risky spot that the two managed to pull off.

Gargano takes out Theory, Priest and Ford. Gargano hits Theory with a DDT to the outside. Gargano with a kick to Priest, who regains the momentum and plants his opponent with a Razor’s Edge. Priest grabs the pin on Gargano. We have our second elimination. Priest hits Rollins with multiple kicks and fists. Rollins is exhausted, but catches a kick. Seth goes for a pedigree, but Priest counters. Priest notices Ford on the top turnbuckle. Seth picks Priest for a powerbomb. Ford delivers a massive blockbuster. One, two, three and Priest is eliminated.

We are now down to Theory, Ford and Rollins. Tez and Rollins get all the action going inside the ring. Ford takes out both Theory and Rollins with a dive to the outside. Ford plants Theory with a uranage. He attempts a frog splash, but Theory counters with his knees. Rollins hit a curbstomp on Ford outside the ring. Theory gets the pin. We’re down to Rollins and Theory. The referee calls for assistance to help get Ford out of the ring. The crowd shows their appreciation for the Street Profit after an incredible performance.

The action resumes and Seth takes out Theory with a pedigree. Seth is looking for a curbstomp on the champion. Out comes Logan Paul and takes out Rollins with a buckshot lariat. The Maverick follows his move with a curbstomp on Rollins. Theory takes advantage of the beating to hit his finisher on Rollins. One, two, three and Theory is still the United States Champion.

Winner and still United States Champion: Austin Theory

We see a video package for Bianca Belair, with all her accomplishments from her previous and current days. We also see the promo for Sami Zayn versus Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match. It’s finally time for the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sami Zayn – Singles match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

The Tribal Chief is making his entrance first. Roman is accompanied by Paul Heyman. No Usos in sight. The crowd is responding with a chorus of boos because Montreal is Sami’s country, and they want their hero to dethrone the main man. Michael Cole notes Roman’s been champion for the past 900 days, and haven’t been pinned since December 2019. Cole notes Sami just might be the guy to take out the top dog.

Sami Zayn is next. The former Sami Uce has once again brought “Worlds Apart” for his big match against the Tribal Chief. The crowd is super pumped for their hometown hero. Sami is not rushing to the ring. He’s just soaking in the feeling of wrestling in front of thousands of fellow Canadians. Sami walks to the ringside and gives a giant hug to his beautiful wife, Khadija. The atmosphere is super awesome.

Samantha Irvin with the introductions. Sami gets a hero’s reaction. Roman is still getting nuclear heat, but isn’t bothered in the least. The crowd bombards him with “f*ck you Roman” chants. Michael Cole with a bit of trivia on Sami Zayn. Cole says it is possible for Sami to take down Reigns. The bell rings. Roman Reigns is looking to put Sami in his place. They lock eyes, no physical contact so far. The crowd are once again on their feet for the match. No contact between the two opponents yet. I appears that the crowd chants are finally starting to bother Roman Reigns. He looks unhappy.

Roman is telling himself not to worry about the pro-Sami crowd. The fans aren’t leaving him alone in his thoughts. “F*ck you Roman” chants once again erupt throughout the arena. The action hasn’t started yet. Sami is taunting Roman. The two finally lock-up. Test of strength and Roman puts Sami in a headlock. Shoulder tackle and Sami goes down. Boos because the crowd isn’t impressed. They lock hands again. This time, Sami has the advantage. A head lock and Reigns with a high elbow, putting down the challenger.

Reigns works the crowd, but is once again met with “f*ck you Roman” chants. Another side headlock, sprint and Sami sends Roman to the outside. The crowd pops huge for the spot. The two re-enter the ring. Sami with a couple of fists on Roman on the turnbuckle. Reigns taken down with an elbow. First pinfall attempt of the match. Sami has the momentum now. Reigns reverses with a huge uppercut. A driveby to Sami on the outside. Roman is working the crowd. The fans in attendance trying to will on their hero.

Roman insults the crowd. Sami regains momentum, but is once again knocked down with an upper cut. Roman trash talks Sami’s wife. Roman says he wanted them to be a part of his family. He wanted to provide for them. Roman shoves Sami to the ringside so his family could watch him humiliate the former Honorary Uce. Roman with another trash talk and the crowd has slowed down their chants.

Sami gets back to his feet and takes out Roman with a clothesline. A couple of back and forth action, followed by another clothesline. Sami knocks Reigns to the outside. This time, it’s Sami who’s beating Roman in front of the hometown hero’s family. The crowd comes back to life for the beloved fellow Canadian. Roman regains his senses and the two go to the second rope. Sami plants Roman with a sunset flip. A near fall. Paul Heyman is looking extremely worried outside. Sami goes for the blue thunder. Roman counters with a standing uranage.

The Tribal Chief is back to working the crowd. Roman loads his superman punch. Sami counters with an exploder on the turnbuckle. Roman reclaims momentum with a superman punch. Another near fall. Roman goes for the spear. Sami evades and counters with a roll-up. Another near fall. Another exploder. Sami taunts Roman with a superman punch. Sami connects the punch, and follows it with a helluva kick. Near fall. The crowd cannot believe.

Sami takes the match to the outside. He tries to hit the springboard tornado DDT, but Roman counters with a punch. Roman tries to hit Sami with a spear. Sami evades and Roman lands head-first into the barricade. Sami takes the action to the outside. Blue Thunder Bomb and Reigns still kicks out. Another blue thunder bomb attempt. Reigns reverses and shoves Sami into the referee. Roman plans them both with huge elbows. Roman attempts a spear but is met with a helluva kick. There’s no referee to count the pin. Sami is distracted. Jimmy Uso shows up and takes out Sami with multiple superkicks. Another referee arrives. One, two, and Sami kicks out.

Roman is livid. He trash talks Sami, who knocks Jimmy Uso out with a helluva kick on the outside. Roman takes advantage of the distraction by hitting Sami with a spear. Another near fall. Sami tries to get back up. Roman tells Sami he tried to help him. Roman puts the blame of the Bloodline implosion on him. Roman charges up Sami with slaps to the face. A superman punch knocks out the second referee as well. Roman signals for Paul Heyman to get him a steel chair because there’s no official in the ring.

Roman prepares for the final shot. Jey Uso walks to the ring and stands in-between Roman and Sami, who’s still down after the last Superman Punch. Roman trash talks Jey before handing him the chair. Jey grabs it reluctantly. Roman turns his back on Jey, but Jey doesn’t do anything. Roman asks Jey why is he waiting to deliver the killer blow. Roman takes back the chair and shoves Jey, who gets in his face. Sami tries to hit Roman with a spear, but gets Jey instead. Roman hits Sami Zayn with multiple chair shots. He then hits Sami with a massive spear. Paul Heyman calls for the referee. One, two, three.

Roman asks Jey Uso to finish the job. Kevin Owen’s music hits and the crowd pops big time. The Prized fighter takes out Jey and sets his sight on Roman. He hits Roman with a stunner, and plants Jimmy on the announcer’s desk with a pop up powerbomb. Owens grabs a chair and gets back inside the ring. Paul Heyman tries to prevent the attack, but gets taken out with a stunner instead. KO stands in-between Roman and Sami. He then allows Sami to deliver the final helluva kick to The Tribal Chief. KO exits the ring, allowing Sami to have a moment with his hometown crowd in Montreal.

That concludes our coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber.

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