Tony Khan has proved himself to be true pioneer in the wrestling business. In a span of nearly four years, he has managed to make his promotion, All Elite Wrestling a direct competitor to wrestling global juggernaut, WWE. Khan’s company is looking to expand even further in the new year and an exciting addition that will be coming soon is house shows, although he is waiting for the perfect time to release the event footage of the first one that took place.

All Elite Wrestling is getting ready to put up house shows on a regular basis. On Saturday, March 18th, the company will host its second live performance in its brief career at Troy, Ohio’s Hobart Arena. The promotion’s first live event, however, didn’t happen until 2021.

The Elite, Cody Rhodes, Darby Allin, and Eddie Kingston were all on the lineup for the first AEW live event, which took place on April 9th, 2021. The live event went down, but no official public recording has been released so far.

Tony Khan has pulled out all the stops to get the fans excited about all the new initiatives that the company has been planning. However, he recently decided to reflect on the past before moving forward.


The AEW President recently talked about the first live event for AEW that took place. Tony Khan stated he’s only waiting for the appropriate moment to make the event public during an appearance on recent episode of the Sports Men Talk Wrestling podcast.

“We have these great opportunities, we have a great team working on it. We’ve had great AEW live events, I’ve worked closely with Rafael Morffi and the team for a long time.

Now, we have, on top of that, we brought in Jeff Jarrett, who is one of the greatest minds in pro wrestling on the promotional side, but also in the ring, what a strategist. Truly, still, one of the best. He’s come in and been a great wrestler for us, I have so much respect for his mind, in and out of the ring.

On the wrestling side and promotional side, he’s had a great impact on our live event business. He’s a great person to have in our locker room. The House Rules is the next step. I started this movement, and it’s why I wanted to work with him. Raf and I put on an event with our team in Jacksonville, our first ‘house show,’ The House Always Wins. It’s become almost mythical because I never released the tape. I’ve been waiting for the right time.

People still talk about the main event, for the TNT Championship, Darby Allin against The Butcher. The Butcher ended up getting injured, he had a hand injury that not only put him out of the music business but also out of the tag team and wrestling business.

Jeff Jarrett, who will be taking the charge to produce live events, has made it public that AEW will start slow on them before picking up pace. We will have to wait and see how it turns up when Tony Khan does decide to release the first house show footage.

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