Joey Ryan landed himself in hot waters during the #SpeakingOut movement in 2020. He got called out over number of sexual misconduct allegations that cost him his wrestling career. However, Ryan is once again trending on Twitter after an insane Effy spot went viral.

Ryan was a long-time independent darling who used sleaziness and hypersexuality as part of his gimmick. Taylor Gibson, better known by his ring name Effy, seems to be following the same path. Effy recently displayed some indecent in-ring moves which left the fans disgusted.

Have we learned anything from Joey Ryan? 🤮 Even the fans look disgusted.

One user tweeted, “Anyone comparing Effy with f*cking Joey Ryan is a f*cking loser. Also joeys gimmick didn’t get him canceled, being a POS rapist did. No Effy slander will be tolerated.”


Another chimed in saying, “The conflation between Effy & Joey Ryan is stupid. JR literally has sexual assault & grooming allegations. Effy is a character that has sexual aspects/moves. Do I think it’s time to stop pushing overtly sexual moves in the ring? Yeah. But does that make Effy a bad person? No.” A third one commented, “y’all are just now figuring out that effy wanted joey ryan’s gimmick”

Fans in the pro wrestling scene are disappointed about the fact that we haven’t learned anything in the past. Although some fans defended Effy from the slander, most of them literally dragged him through the mud while comparing him with Joey Ryan. Check out the tweets below.

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