Matt Hardy, Ethan Page, and Isiah Kassidy took on The Elite for the AEW World Trios Championship on the February 3rd edition of AEW Rampage. The match would have marked Kenny Omega’s first match after being off AEW television due to his visa issues. Though they put on an amazing show for the crowd, it turns out The Young Bucks had very little time to prepare for it.

Matt Hardy reflected on last week’s Trios title match on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy show. In doing so, he revealed that the booking for the Trios title match was pretty much a last-minute decision.

Although the booking caught Matt Hardy off-guard, he stated that he enjoyed putting the match together. Hardy believed the unexpected match fell perfectly in sync with their storyline.

“I enjoyed it, and it was a match that wasn’t booked to happen initially. It changed later on that day, and we ended up doing that. We found out about it just a little bit before we were starting the show. So we didn’t have a ton of time to put together some classic masterpiece, but we made it work. We got in there and we did our thing. More than anything, I was really happy with the storytelling that we did, between myself and Ethan Page and Isiah. It really fit perfectly into what we’re doing currently,”


Matt Hardy praised The Young Bucks for working on such short notice to bring about a great show for the fans. Hardy stated that these are the characteristics that a pro wrestler should embody.

“That’s the art of being a pro wrestler. One thing that’s sad, I mean wrestling has got a lot more complicated as time as gone on because it’s more athletic-based and they’re looking for people that can do pretty amazing stuff. A lot of times, some of that stuff, not only is it high-risk, but it also takes everybody being on the same page at the time. So you kinda have to sit down and think it through, kind of have an outline of what you’re gonna do.

But in the big scheme of things, pro wrestling is supposed to be two guys who can go in the ring and just call it and do it on the fly, and that is truly an art, and it’s lost a little bit in today’s pro wrestling. But the Bucks and Kenny, they’re definitely good enough under pressure. We can kind of throw something together quick, and we had enough on our team, there was enough experience and enough talent that we can go in there and do that with those guys. We did a hell of a deal. We had 14 minutes, and for a six-man that was put together kind of last minute, I was pretty proud of it,”

Matt Hardy also went on to say that he would love to wrestle the Young Bucks every night of the week. You can check out the bout below. For more updates stay tuned to Ringside News.

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