Jade Cargill is one of the top stars in the AEW’s women’s division. Ever since her debut, she has captivated audiences with her raw strength and athleticism. In fact, she boasts the longest active win streak on the roster and is the only wrestler to win 50 straight matches.

The TBS Champion is also the longest-reigning champion in the company’s history. However, fans could argue that the reason she is having such an impressive run is because of the competition she has been facing.

The AEW’s women’s division is currently divided into two. There’s the main card where the likes of Britt Baker, Saraya, and Jamie Hayter are and then there’s the mid-card that consists of wrestlers like Jade Cargill and Red Velvet and it looks like the TBS Champion is ready to transition to the main card.

During a recent interview with Liam Crawley of comicbook.com, Cargill made her intentions clear that she wants to challenge for the AEW Women’s Championship;


“I’m just going to give these ladies some time before I want to go for the big belt. That’s something that I want to accomplish. I want to go for the main belt, I know that’s for sure,” Cargill said.

Cargill also noted that she wishes to work with stars like Britt Baker, Saraya, and Toni Storm at some point. She said she believes it’s time to mix it up with the top talent.

“I wouldn’t say so soon because right now I’m just focused on getting reps and getting better. Having longer matches, better feuds, and actual storylines. However, I believe it’s time for me to start having storylines with a Britt Baker, or Jamie Hayter, or a Saraya, or Toni Storm and working those storylines. I know I can do it. I have the charisma to do it. If you stand me next to any of these ladies, the work, the look and the aura of who I am speaks for itself.” 

Fans will be waiting in excitement to see Cargill finally get in the ring with some of the best women the division has to offer. Based on her impressive in-ring acumen, that time isn’t far away. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar content.

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