It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means! AEW Dynamite will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

The start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite promises another exciting night of action as we will get to witness a couple of tag team matches. The Elite will defend their Trios Titles for the first time against Top Flight & AR Fox. The Acclaimed will also defend their titles against The Gunns. The complete match card for the show is as follows:

  • Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Rush
  • World Title Eliminator: MJF (c) vs. Konosuke Takeshita
  • Women’s Title Eliminator: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Bunny
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Acclaimed (c) vs. The Gunns
  • AEW World Trios Championship: The Elite (c) vs. Top Flight & AR Fox

AEW Dynamite Opener:

The opening package for the show airs.


The commentators welcome the audience for the show.

AEW World Championship Eliminator: MJF (c) vs. Konosuke Takeshita

MJF’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Konosuke Takeshita’s theme song plays next and he comes to the ring.

The match begins and MJF offers a handshake and kicks him as he accepts it. Takeshita hits the Takeshita line and attacks MJF in the corner. He hits the jumping knee strik to MJF.

MJF uses the referee to gain an advantage on Takeshita. He then throws him into the corner. MJF goes to work on his opponent. MJF with the hammerlock DDT. Cover! 1..2…kick out.

MJF goes back to work on Takeshita. Takeshita fights back with an exploder suplex in the corner. He hits the running boot a couple of times. He goes for it a third time and misses and rolls him up but can’t get the win.

Takeshita with a brain buster. Cover! 1…2….kick out. He climbs the top rope and hits the frog splash. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He goes for a suplex but MJF escapes and goes for the piledriver Takeshita escapes and drives him to the mat and hits the German suplex.

He goes for a knee strike but MJF rolls out of the ring. Takeshita dives on him and misses. MJF goes after his arm. MJF sent into the ring post.

MJF with a superkick on Takeshita. Cover! 1…2…kick out. MJF transitions into the Salt of the Earth. Takeshita escapes. He sends MJF outside and dives onto him. He sends MJF back into the ring.

He goes for a knee strike but MJF rolls out again. Takeshita sends him back in the ring. MJF uses the referee to gain the advantage. He goes back to work on Takeshita. He goes for a jumping knee and misses.

Takeshita with a couple of punches. Takeshita goes for a hurricanrana but MJF catches him and hits the powerbomb on the knee.

Takeshita hits the blue thunder bomb. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He hits the knee strike. Cover! 1…2….MJF places his leg on the bottom rope. He goes for the Swanton and misses. MJF locks in Salt of The Earth and Takeshita taps out.

Winner: MJF

Following the match, he attacks Takeshita with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Bryan Danielson comes out to check on him.

AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Match: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Bunny

Bunny’s music plays and she comes. Jamie Hayter’s music plays next and she walks to the ring.

The match begins and they both shake hands. Hayter with a take down. Hayter with a shoulder tackle. Bunny fights back with an elbow. Hayter suplexes Bunny into the ring.

Bunny with a neck breaker on the ropes and then a suplex into the steel steps. Bunny sends her into the steel steps.

Hayter fights back by attacking Bunny in the corner but it’s not enough as Bunny chops her and regains control. Bunny with a running forearm strike in the corner. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Bunny continues to attack Hayter. Both women battle on the apron with chops, strikes,, and kick until they both fall to the apron. Hayter hits the exploder suplex. She then hits the Haytorade for the win.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Rene interviews Toni Storm and Saraya who say that Jamie is a loser. Saraya calls Leva near here and they attack her. They then spray paint her. Saraya says they aren’t here to make friends, they are here to take over.

*Commercial break*

Lexi tries interviews MJF who says that Takeshita is no match for him. He then says that Bryan and the fans treat him like he is a scumbag. He recalled all the times he had met with adversity and the time he had met with an accident. He says he grabber his girlfriend’s body and switched seats with her and that’s the man he is. He says he will expose Bryan tonight and he says there will be no match at AEW Revolution. He says he is a scumbag and he is proud of it.

Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet: Ricky Starks vs. Jericho Appreciation Society

Jericho Appreciation Society’s theme song plays and Matt Menard and Angelo Parker come out to the ring. Ricky Starks’ music hit and he walks to the ring.

The match begins and Parker hits the suplex. Parker hits the dropkick. Starks hits the spear and pins him.

Matt Menard tries to attack him from behind but Starks rolls him up and pins him. Daniel Garcia comes out but midway to the ring, Guevara’s music plays and he comes to the ring.

Guevara distracts Starks and Garcia attacks him from behind. Garcia attacks Starks in the corner. Garcia knocks down Starks. Garcia with a suplex and kicks him in the head. Starks fights back but not enough as Garcia hits the DDT.

Garcia viciously attacks Starks on the ground. Garcia with a back suplex. Starks goes for the spear but Garcia catches him and locks in the guillotine. Starks fights out of it and powerbombs Garcia.

Starks climbs the rope but is stopped by Garcia. He then suplex him but Starks counters and hits the brainbuster on Garcia. He goes for Rochambeau but Garcia escapes and pulls Starks to the apron. They exchange strikes. Starks spears Garcia on the apron.

Someone in a mask hits the back elbow to Starks. Garcia sends him into the ring and pins him. The person unmasks himself and he is Chris Jericho.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Renee interviews The Acclaimed. Billy says he is pulled in two different directions. He says he made this decision tonight as a tea and he will stay in the back and let them battle it out. The Acclaimed says they are the best and they will get the job and they do their signature scissor.

*Commercial break*

Renee interviews Bryan but it seems like he is locked inside his locker room.

Bryan Danielson vs. Rush

Rush’s music hit and he makes his way to the ring. MJF’s theme song plays next and he comes out. He tells the referee they needs to talk. MJF says that Bryan is scheduled for a match and he is not here.

He says the referee needs to ring the bell and start the match. Bryan breaks out of his locker room and runs to the ring. The referee counts slowly. Bryan comes out to the ring and the match begins. Rush attacks him in the corner.

Rush with multiple clotheslines and a dropkick. Rush kicks Bryan in the head. Rush goes to work on Danielson. Both men exchange chops. Rush hits the German suplex and a knee strike.

Rush sends Bryan into the barricade. He slams Bryan’s face in the chair. He then dropkicks him. Rush sends Bryan into the barricade. He sends Bryan into the ring. Bryan and Rush chop each other on the apron.

Rush throws Bryan down to the outside. Rush with an elbow strike to Bryan. He takes steel chair but the referee takes it away. Rush kicks Danielson in the face. bryan fights back and goes for the LaBelle lock but Rush gets to the rope.

Bryan with a suicide dive on Rush and sends him into the barricade. He places him on a chair and hits the running dropkick. He sends Rush into the ring and climbs the rope. He then dropkicks him.

Bryan kicks the chest of Rush. Both men chop each other. Both men exchange chops in the corner. Bryan with a running dropkick to the face of Rush. He goes for it again but is punched by Rush who hits the straight jacket piledriver. Cover! 1…..2….kick out.

Rush attacks Bryan in the corner. He goes for the bull’s horns but Bryan hits the Busaiku knee. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Both men exchange strikes. Both men headbutt each other. Rush with a German suplex. Bryan comes back with the Busaiku knee for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Following the match, MJF heads to the ring. He hits Bryan with the Dynamite Diamond ring and continues punching him before locking in his Salt of the Earth submission. Security comes out but he attacks them and goes back to using the submission. More security personnel come out to stop MJF.

*Commercial break*

Tony Schiavone interviews a couple of stars from Impractical Jokers who take stolen his bat and they offer Chris Jericho a chance to appear on Impractical Jokers.

AEW World Trios Championship: The Elite (c) vs. Top Flight & AR Fox

Top Flight’s theme song plays and they come out with AR Fox. The Elite’s music hit and the group make their way to the ring.

The match begins with Dante and Nick Jackson. Dante ith a dropkick to Nick and he tags in Darrius. Matt comes in and is tripped. Omega comes in and Fox dropkicks him. Fox tags in Darrius.

Nick tags out and Matt hits the neck breaker on Darrius. They hit a double dropkick on Dante. Nick tags in Kenny. He attacks Darrius. Omega and The Young Bucks attack Darrius in the corner. Omega hits the back breaker. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

He tags in Nick who attacks Darrius before tagging out and Matt with the stomp to the elbow. Matt with a suplex. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He then hits a clothesline. He tags out and Nick continues the attack.

Nick tags out and Matt punches Darrius in the gut before tagging Kenny who immediately tags out. Matt goes to work on Darrius. Matt attacks Dante and Fox. He goes for the suplex but Darrius evades and hits the Spanish Fly but Nick stops him with the splash.

Fox with a senton on Nick. He hits the cutter on Omega. He does the same to Matt and Nick. Fox dives onto the Young Bucks and Omega. He dives onto Young Bucks again. He climbs the top rope and hits the senton atomico. Cover! 1…2…kick out.

Fox with a Spanish Fly on Omega. Both men tag out and Dante sends Nick outside and takes down Matt. He goes for a dive but Matt hits the Northern Lights suplex. Darrius tags in and enters the ring. Matt hits the Northern Lights suplex on all of them.

Darrius with the enzuigiri and he tags out and hits the DDT on Nick. Cover! 1..2…Matt makes the save. Top Flight hit the nose dive and they tag in AR Fox who hits the 450 splash. Cover! 1..2..Kenny makes the save.

Omega with the snap dragon suplex on Fox. Dante with a flying lariat but is take out by Nick. Darrius with a flatliner and Matt hits the standing slice bread. They hit the Piledriver. Cover! 1..2..Dante makes the save.

Nick tags Omega in. Nick with a moonsault on the outside. Omega hits the V-trigger and the gutwrench bomb. Cover! 1..2..kick out. He hits V-trigger again and goes for the One winged angel but he escapes and goes for an enzuigiri. Omega escapes and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: The Elite (c)

Stokeley Hathaway is interviewed backstage and he says everything is going wrong because of Hook. Hook appears behind him and he grabs Hathaway and warns him.

*Commercial break*

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Acclaimed (c) vs. The Gunns

The Gunns’ theme song plays and they come out to the ring. The Acclaimed’s music hit and they come out with Max Caster rapping their song.

The match begins with Ma and Colten. Colten knocks down Max but he retaliates with an arm drag and he tags out. Bowens attacks Colten in the corner. He tags out and Max attacks Colten.

He hits the hip toss to Austin. Bowens then hits the leg drop and they scissor. Max dives onto Austin. Max sends Austin in the ring but is taken out by Colten. Austin attacks Max in the corner.

He tags out and Colten attacks Max in the corner. He tags out and Austing with some chops to Max and he tags out. He hits the dropkick on Max Caster. He goes back to work on Max.

They double team him. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Max tags out and Bowens attacks both of them. Bowens hits the face buster. Cover! 1..2..kick out. They all take out each other. Bowens accidentally hits the referee and Asutin attacks Bowens. He takes the title belt and enters the ring. Billy Gunn comes out and he stops him from hitting Bowens but Colten attacks Billy with the belt from behind.

The Acclaimed attack The Gunns and they plant him and Caster hits the mic drop. Max grabs the referee and sends him back in the ring. Cover! 1..2…Colten makes the save. Colten hits him with the belt and Austin rolls him up for the win.

Winner: The Gunns (c)

This ends our live coverage of AEW Dynamite.

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