On February 2, 2023, the pro wrestling world lost one of its icons. Jim Duggan took to social media to reveal that Lanny Poffo has passed away at the age of 68. Poffo was the real-life younger brother of “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan did not reveal any more details, and we at Ringside News are working on attaining more information. The pro wrestling world is in mourning after such a sad passing.

WWE posted the following statement to address the passing of Lanny Poffo. They also gave a touching tribute with a brief bio, which you may read below.

Lanny Poffo passes away

WWE is saddened to learn that Lanny Poffo, best known to sports-entertainment fans as The Genius, passed away at 68 years of age.


The son of Angelo Poffo and younger brother of WWE Hall of Famer “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo had a style all his own. Arriving in WWE in 1985 alongside his brother, “Leaping” Lanny Poffo was one of the first high-flyers in WWE. While he achieved some success as a fan favorite reading his own poetry and throwing Frisbees to the crowd, he reached new heights as The Genius while managing Mr. Perfect.

WWE extends its condolences to Poffo’s family, friends and fans.

Lanny Poffo was famous for his high-flying wrestling style and unique poetry recitations. Throughout his lengthy 30-year career, one that spanned from the 1970s to the 2000s, Poffo was the star of several major wrestling promotions, including the WWF and WCW.

Lanny Poffo began his wrestling career in the 1970s and established himself as a talented high-flyer. He was known for his moonsaults, backflips, and other daredevil stunts, which made him a favorite with fans. Poffo earned himself the moniker “The Genius.”

Lanny Poffo shared the ring with many wrestling titans, including “Ravishing” Rick Rude, Honky Tonk Man, and “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. He also had a memorable run in WCW, where he was a member of the stable known as the Dungeon of Doom. During his stint with WCW, Poffo feuded with Sting and Lex Luger, and was a key performer in several of the company’s biggest storylines.

Our thoughts are with Lanny Poffo’s family during this sad time. He was quite a character, and beloved by many. RIP.

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