Mandy Rose had a successful stint in NXT as the Women’s Champion, where she held the title for 413 days, before losing it to Roxanne Perez. However, her time in WWE came to an end under controversial circumstances and it caused frustration among some fans. Despite her release, it seems Rose still feels bad for Roxanne Perez.

Mandy Rose was let go from her WWE contract due to content she posted behind her premium content paywall. It was reported that Mandy Rose was not even given an opportunity to take down her premium content before her WWE release.

That being said, Mandy Rose managed to make $1 million from FanTime last year. In fact, Mandy Rose was even warned by WWE regarding her Premium Service Content and what the consequences would be.

Perez won the match, but it was a last-minute decision and there was no build up for her huge win. While speaking to The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Mandy Rose revealed that she felt bad for Perez and explained why.


It was weird, at the moment I felt I was focused, I always loved working with Roxanne, and we had a good relationship, so that was good, it actually went smoothly for the rest of the day. In my mind, obviously, where I didn’t kinda sell it and showed it, obviously so messed up, I had multiple coming up to me being like ‘what is going on?’ I felt bad for Roxanne because she’s so amazing and I really do love her as a person I feel like it is so exciting anytime you’re told you’ll win the title. I felt bad because it was rushed, there was no promotion leading up to it. She had just won the match, being the #1 contender, so we were going to build on that eventually and it’d be a really good feud. I felt bad because it was just thrown on her and I know her family would come to the shows, her sister I met, that she could have her family there, it was just rushed, so just I felt bad, but she just handled it like the great professional woman that she is.

Mandy Rose also believes that she did nothing wrong by posting her premium content. That being said, the door is always open for an eventual return to WWE. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for Mandy Rose.

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