In July 2022, WWE underwent a ton of changes after Vince McMahon retired. This is because Triple H brought about a ton of changes in the company, especially after handing over NXT responsibilities to Shawn Michaels. Some of WWE’s new changes include letting NXT talent work in indie promotions, which includes Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling.

Recently, Bryan Alvarez reported that WWE has allowed NXT talent to work select independent promotions, with NXT Ivy Nile set to work at Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling next week. Reality of Wrestling said this was an exclusive deal, but that could always change soon.

It was said by Shawn Michaels that WWE will only allow talent to work in Booker T’s promotion. Of course, there was a lot more to this story than initially thought, when it came to WWE’s process.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed the relationship from the Reality of Wrestling side and revealed that he asked WWE for a favor in order to have Ivy Nile work for his promotion.


“For me, to work with the next generation and future talent at WWE as well in Ivy Nile, that’s my passion. That’s when I do my best work, working with young people and trying to guide them on this journey that I love so much. I’m still living my best life right now, totally content where I am. For me, to see something like this come together, it’s so awesome. I appreciate Shawn Michaels and WWE for giving me this opportunity to let one of my young talent in Reality of Wrestling shine. I hope to see her in WWE one day. Reality of Wrestling, we’re not like a lot of independent companies. Our goal is to get these guys to the next level, and that’s to a point where they’re making some money in their pocket, they’re getting a plane ticket and traveling around the world and seeing it all.

Immediately, we posted that Ivy Nile would be coming to Reality of Wrestling and we were going to give the independent wrestling world a match they can’t see anywhere else. Immediately after we post that, quotes popped up on the internet, ‘Reality of Wrestling is partnering with WWE.’ If you get those from someone in WWE, fine, but if you see an advertisement of someone being at a show and you formulate your own thought and create your own story, that’s when embellishment becomes something totally different. That’s when embellishment becomes blatant lying. No one called me and got that from me. I want to put it on record, I asked a favor for a NXT talent, someone who is one of my favorites, Ivy Nile, to be able to come to Reality of Wrestling and get in the ring with someone who I think may have next-level potential. I was granted that wish, and I appreciate that.”

WWE is also targeting independent promotions that have close relationship with AEW. We will have to wait and see how WWE will continue to change in the coming months, as it is certainly an interesting time for the company.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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