In July 2022, WWE underwent a significant overhaul following Vince McMahon’s first departure from the company. Triple H assumed the role of head booker and quickly implemented major changes to enhance the overall product. Shawn Michaels also received a new position under Triple H’s leadership. That change in power caused a lot of changes, and they are still going. WWE is also trying to work with other indie companies, and it seems they are targeting promotions close to AEW.

Recently, Bryan Alvarez reported that WWE has allowed NXT talent to work select independent promotions, with NXT Ivy Nile set to work at Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling next week. Reality of Wrestling said this was an exclusive deal, but that might not be the case if things go well.

It was said by Shawn Michaels that WWE will only allow talent to work in Booker T’s promotion. However, there is now more to this story than initially thought, in many ways.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about WWE working with indie promotions. It was noted that the company is targeting promotions close to AEW.


It could be something really bad. Ivy Nile is going to work a show in a couple of weeks for Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling. Shawn Michaels actually said it’s a one-time thing. What I understand as far as Reality Of Wrestling, they expect to get some NXT stars from time to time. Bryan is basically correct, that there are several companies that are talked to, with the idea that they may be able to get NXT stars, but the Booker T thing has to go well. If it goes well, there are other companies and I think they are targeting companies that are close to AEW and see what they can do.

We will have to wait and see whether WWE’s new direction as far as working with independent promotions will bear fruit. That being said, AEW is sure to keep a close eye on what WWE will do.

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