Raquel Rodriguez dominated the women’s division during her time in WWE NXT. She was called up to the main roster in 2022. Rodriquez immediately made an impact upon her arrival on SmackDown by going head-to-head with the likes of Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, and Liv Morgan. She even enjoyed a brief run as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Aliyah. Now that she has spent 9 months on the main roster, Raquel currently has her sights set on the biggest match of her career, the Women’s Royal Rumble.

Raquel Rodriguez will be competing for the first time in the Women’s Royal Rumble match this Saturday. Speaking on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, the powerhouse said that she is just getting started and wishes to showcase more layers of her character in the near future.

“I think the WWE Universe has a lot to look forward to because I’m just getting started. I feel like you guys have only seen one layer of Raquel Rodriguez. There’s just so many more that I want to bring out. I want to bring out the bad side of Raquel Rodriguez, I want to bring out the hardcore side of Raquel Rodriguez, I want to bring out the extreme Raquel Rodriguez. There’s just so much more that I want to do on SmackDown and on Raw and in general in WWE. I’m just so excited that this is the beginning of my journey, and it’s not even close to being over, which is kind of scary too.”

In October 2016, Raquel Rodriguez signed with WWE and reported to the Performance Center in Orlando.  She made her in-ring debut on January 20, 2017, at an NXT live event, where she was unsuccessful in winning a 12-woman battle royal.


During her time in NXT, Raquel Rodriguez performed a one-arm power bomb as a finishing move called the Chingona Bomb. The move was renamed to the Texana Bomb when she was called up to the main roster since it was deemed too vulgar.

While Rhea Ripley is currently the odds-on favorite to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match on January 28th, Raquel Rodriguez could potentially be the last woman standing. Rauqel’s entire family will be at the Alamodome for her grand night.

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