The arrival of former WWE superstar Sasha Banks in the world of Japanese wrestling sent shockwaves across the entire wrestling world. Now going by the name, Mercedes Mone, the former Legit Boss, has found a new world to conquer and is soon approaching her first big fight in New Japan Pro Wrestling. She decided to raise her stocks before that by posting a jaw-dropping photo.

Mercedes Mone, rose to prominence in WWE, being credited as one of their top superstars. She along with her various other female superstars changed the game forever and Mone herself emerged as a highly accomplished star.

However, things turned sour between Mercedes Mone and WWE as she along with Naomi, famously walked out of Monday Night RAW back in May 2022. The duo cited frustrations with the positions and creative differences with the management.

Since then, Mercedes Mone stayed away from wrestling, being spotted at various high-profile events and pursuing other ventures. But it was finally at Wrestle Kingdom 17 that saw the return of The Blueprint near the squared circle.


Right after KAIRI retained her IWGP women’s title at the event, Mercedes Mone emerged into the arena and dropped the champion signaling her grand arrival. She is looking all fired up to pursue her life-long dream of competing in Japan and recently dropped skimpy photo on Instagram, claiming that her stocks have risen.

“The stock has risen 💙📈 31 @shotsbyfrost #birthday #shibuya #theceo #monè #money #mercedesmonè #Shinjuku #njpw.”

Mercedes Mone is set to battle KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s championship at NJPW’s next event, Battle at the Valley. It seems that Mone is ready to rise up to the top once again, only this time on a completely different battlefield.

Do you think Mercedes Mone is the next IWGP Women’s champion? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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