Tony Khan took his love of pro wrestling and turned it into a business. The Jacksonville Jaguars owner opened AEW, and his childhood fantasy booking matches in his room became a very real adventure. Naturally, he is passionate about pro wrestling, and TK is also very demanding. That being said, His desire to drive everyone around him can make things a bit difficult.

Jay Briscoe was banned from WarnerMedia for his past homophobic comments, statements he worked hard to overcome. AEW President Tony Khan did everything he could to pay tribute to him on Dynamite, but eventually, a special memorial show had to be filmed for ROH Honor Club instead. Despite apologizing profusely for his past comments, WarnerMedia never quite forgave Briscoe.

While speaking on What Happened When, Conrad Thompson revealed that Tony Khan will be taking care of Jay Briscoe’s family. AEW commentator Tony Schiavone chimed in, noting that although Khan is a good person at heart, his demanding nature can make entire weeks difficult at work.

“Tony is very demanding of a boss, and it makes, at times, the week very difficult, but wrestling has always been difficult. There’s never been ease. Tony can be very demanding, as a boss can be, but because he’s such a great person and such a genuine person and loves the wrestling business and takes care of his people, it’s worth it working for him. It’s worth the stress that we go through getting the show on, because of the person that he is. I know a lot of people give Tony a hard time, but the people who give Tony a hard time online are, as human beings, not worth a fuck.”


The Briscoes made began their wrestling careers with Combat Zone Wrestling on January 20th, 2001. In less than two decades, the two brothers established themselves as one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling history.

The tributes continue to pour in for the late Jay Briscoe. While Briscoe’s fundraiser has crossed $250,000, Tony Khan will do everything in his power to ensure a secure future for the late wrestler’s family.

Jay Briscoe passed away eight days before his 39th birthday and one day before his brother’s 38th birthday. Another vehicle crossed the centerline, and smashed his vehicle head-on, resulting in a fatal accident. Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this sad situation.

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