Bray Wyatt’s WWE return was in process even before Vince McMahon retired. Many fans give Triple H full credit for bringing Wyatt back, but that is not the case. Still, Triple H is the man responsible for Wyatt’s booking, and a Pitch Black match against LA Knight is on the horizon. Now, Bray Wyatt’s opponent for the January 28th Royal Rumble event has something to say about the Eater of Worlds, especially that Firefly Fun House gimmick.

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LA Knight is visibly annoyed by Bray Wyatt’s way of promoting. He shared his thoughts on the return of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House character.

LA Knight talked about the incident on SmackDown LowDown where Wyatt interrupted him to bring back an old narrative for promotion. Downplaying Wyatt’s way of “playing with puppets”, he stated that he’s unfazed by his different personas.


“You serious right now? How does that affect my preparation? Does that change anything when a guy brings out a couple of little puppets? Ohh, that’s cool. Great. A grown man playing with puppets. Good for him. Tell you what, why he’s playing with puppets. He’s only got eight days, and in eight days he finds out that everything that he’s built up means nothing.”

Last week on SmackDown, the former Universal Champion brought back the iconic character. Wyatt interrupted LA Knight after the latter’s match against Greg Jones on the blue brand. He then went on to fire a warning shot at his opponent.

“He wanted to walk his way into my life, he wanted to walk his way into my path and now he’s gonna find out it doesn’t end well. It doesn’t end well at all because at the Royal Rumble, Pitch Black match, gets strapped on his head for his troubles, BFT, and ain’t nobody talking about Bray Wyatt. They’re talking about one thing with everybody saying LA Knight.”

LA Knight is not affected by the return of Bray Wyatt’s puppet friends. Knight stressed that he’ll get the job done at the Royal Rumble in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match. He also thrashed Bray by saying that no one is going to talk about him when it comes to the main event on Royal Rumble.

On January 28th in San Antonio, Texas, Bray Wyatt and LA Knight will finally square off. Despite the fact that Bray Wyatt overshadowed LA Knight’s victory over Brett Jones, it wonderfully positions them for their next clash. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what role Uncle Howdy will have in the whole situation.

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