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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature a contract signing with Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens ahead of their world title match at Royal Rumble. For in-ring action SmackDown tonight will see The Brawling Brutes take on Imperium as well as Sheamus & Drew McIntyre against The Viking Raiders in the first round of the SmackDown Tag Title Contender’s Tournament.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown is live tonight from the glorious city of Detroit, Michigan about 10 minutes from my house, I may or may not be involved in a segment tonight wait and see. The Bloodline arrive backstage where Roman Reigns refuses to fist bump Sami Zayn as Zayn looks somehow surprised by this.

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs The Viking Raiders

The match kicks off with all four wrestlers brawling in the ring and the fight quickly spilling outside the ring. Sheamus throws Erik into the barricade and back into the ring. Sheamus grabs Ivar and hits the 10 beats of the Bodhran. Erik breaks it up but is grabbed by Sheamus who hits Erik with the 10 beats then, between the two of them Erik and Ivar took a combined 24 beats if you’re betting the over/under. Ivar throws Sheamus to the barricade and hits with a running splash to the barricade.

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The match continues live with Erik covering off a neck-breaker for a two count. Erik and Sheamus exchange stiff forearm strikes before Ivar tags in and hits strikes of his own before tagging Erik back in. Sheamus hits Erik with the Irish Curse and McIntyre and Ivar tag in. McIntyre hits a lariat and then a shoulder tackle. McIntyre hits Erik with a belly to belly throw. McIntyre hits Ivar with a Michinoku driver into a cover that gets a two count. Erik tags in and makes a cover off a lariat for a two count. Ivar goes to the top rope but McIntyre climbs up and goes for a superplex but Erik makes the save. Sheamus then runs in to hit Erik with the white noise and McIntyre gets back up and hits the superplex.

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Back live with Ivar hitting McIntyre with a series of back elbow strikes in the corner. McIntyre bounces off the corner to hit a big lariat and then the future shock DDT. McIntyre counts down but Ivar counters the Claymore with a spinning heel kick. Sheamus and Erik both tag in and hammer each other with forearm strikes before Sheamus hits a power slam. Valhalla climbs on the apron to distract Sheamus and allow Erik to hit a suplex and tag Ivar in who hits a top rope splash and covers but Sheamus kicks out at two. Sheamus hits a Brogue kick to Ivar and covers for the three count.

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Backstage Sami Zayn sits down backstage with Roman Reigns. Zayn references their arrival in the parking lot and asks Reigns if everything is okay. Reigns says he saw how Zayn looked last week and he wants to know the truth. Zayn admits he was disappointed last week after not being able to prove himself by putting away Kevin Owens last week. Reigns tells Zayn to leave his locker room and “find his own bloodline” as the crowd is angry and confused as to if this is the moment Zayn is kicked out of the Bloodline or just the locker room.

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LA Knight vs Greg Jones

LA Knight’s opponent is not the legendary Michigan State linebacker of the same name. This is evident as he is quickly hit with the BFT and pinned in less time than it took me to type out this sentence.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match, the titantron cuts out for a moment before The Firefly Funhouse returns as Bray Wyatt appears on screen hosting his terrifying kids show once again. The segment ends with Wyatt speaking directly to LA Knight in a dark and scary tone, saying he will see him at the Royal Rumble.

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Hit Row vs Los Lotharios

The match begins with Humberto and Ashante in the ring. Off an arm drag Angel tags in and Los Lotharios hit a double team power slam. Ashante tags in Top Dolla who throws Angel outside the ring and hits a chop to Angel on the announce table as he scares Michael Cole for good measure. Humberto and Ashante tag back in and Humberto his an enziguri and then Humberto hits Top Dolla with a drop kick to knock him outside the ring and Los Lotharios hit a double tope suicida. Back in the ring B-Fab causes a distraction and Ashante gets a roll up for three.

Winners: Hit Row

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Back live with SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair making her way out to the ring. Charlotte calls out Sonya Deville to go face to face with her if she has something to say to her. Deville comes out and Charlotte asks why Deville thinks she is owed all these title matches, Charlotte says Deville called her shot and lost, by tapping out. Charlotte says Deville should be focusing on the Royal Rumble, but if she wants to fight, Charlotte will fight her right now. Deville rejects Charlotte’s challenge, unless Charlotte is willing to put her title on the line.

Adam Pearce walks out to try to restore order and with Charlotte’s back turned Deville strikes Charlotte from behind and runs away as Adam Pearce looks angry and surprised somehow.

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Brawling Brutes vs Imperium

The match begins with Vinci and Holland in a lock up. Holland reverses an Irish whip and hits a hip toss and Butch is then tagged in. Kaiser makes the blind tag and hits Butch with a side slam. Butch stomps Kaiser’s elbow and Vinci tags back in who hits a cross body from the middle rope.

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The match continues live with Butch and Kaiser in the ring. Butch flips through a back suplex and tags in Holland who hits a lariat and then a running lariat to the corner. Holland hits a double suplex to both Kaiser and Vinci. Butch tags in and goes for a dive but Kaiser rolls through. Butch grabs the ankle and locks in an ankle lock. Kaiser is able to get to his feet and break the hold but Butch immediately transitions to an armbar. Vinci tags in and hits a springboard moonsault. Butch reverses a powerbomb into a huricanrana to cover Vinci for a two count. Butch hits a shop and then a forearm strike before flying off the top rope to hit a tornado DDT. Holland and Kaiser tag in and Holland hits a headbutt and then a belly to belly throw. Vinvi hits Butch with a brain buster outside the ring. Vinci makes the blind tag and Vinci and Kaiser hit the Imperial bomb and Vinvi covers for three.

Winners: Imperium

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Maximum Male Models vs Legado Del Fantasma

The match begins with Mansoor and Wilde in a lock up. Mace and Mansoor throw both opponents out of the ring and pose together in the ring. Mace tags in and hits a kick. Off a blind tag Legado Del Fantasma hit a double team kick/ leg sweep and then the cover foe three.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

Sami Zayn visits Roman Reigns backstage. Reigns admits he was wrong earlier and Zayn is overjoyed that Reigns wants Zayn to stay with the Bloodline, Reigns instructs Zayn to get The Usos and prepare for them to immediately leave the area after the upcoming contract signing.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns live for the contract signing. Roman Reigns comes out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. As Reigns sits in the ring. Kevin Owens runs in from behins and takes out Sikoa before hitting Reigns with a stunner. The Usos run out but Owens manages to take them out too. Owens puts Reigns through the tavle with a pop-up powerbomb. Owens signs the contract and Sami Zayn runs out to chase Owens out to the crowd. SmackDown goes off the air with Owens standing in the crowd looking back and the Bloodline with Reigns still down through the table.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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