WWE has several couples backstage in the company, and that can cause issues at times. It seems that Brie Bella has a story still in her brain about one instance where Summer Rae took things too far with Bryan Danielson.

During The Bellas Podcast, Brie Bella confirmed a story about Summer Rae. It seems that Summer said something “vulgar” to Bryan Danielson that rubbed Brie Bella the wrong way. She did not reveal what Summer said, but it was enough to ruffle some feathers.

“We got in a fight because she made some flirty, vulgar comments to Bryan, and I called her out on it.”

It seems that this drama is water under the bridge now. That doesn’t make it any more okay that it happened in the first place.


Brie Bella then added that her relationship with Summer Rae did improve over the years. That being said, they had that obvious rough patch for a minute.

“Danielle and I are friends now and we’re really close, but what happened is she was in the trainer’s room. Bryan was in there getting something done. You know how they’d have the black curtains in front of doors at times? So I was standing outside the black curtain waiting for Bryan and I heard her, and I was like, ‘What did she just say?’ I was shocked, so I called her out on the bus.”

Brie Bella has not returned to pro wrestling television since her retirement. She is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame alongside her twin sister, Nikki Bella, and it seems that Brie has left that history in the ring behind her. Even though she hung up her boots, Brie Bella still has plenty of stories from that time in her life.

Of course, Bryan Danielson is now a top star for AEW after he let his WWE contract expire. Summer Rae is no longer with the company either, but that is because she was released in 2017.

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