Darby Allin is one of the unorthodox AEW stars in the company. His charismatic style and captivating persona have made him a mainstay in the land of All Elite. However, Allin had a nasty fall from his skateboard while trying to do a completely different trick. Luckily for us, Allin captured it all on camera.

Darby Allin started his AEW career in 2019 at Fyter Fest, where he wrestled Cody Rhodes to a time-limit draw. Allin’s amazing high-flying style, face-painted freakish look, and entire personality made him one of the top AEW prospects over the years.

Darby Allin was aligned with fellow face-painted star Sting around December 2020, right after The Icon’s AEW debut. His partnership with Sting has received praise, and led him to some major successes and top programs.

One of the key aspects of Darby Allin’s character is his signature skateboard and amazing skills. He is also known to collect some road rash along the way. Darby recently posted a video on Instagram where he fell off his skateboard while attempting a dangerous trick from atop a ladder.


“🪜🛹 🎥 @wolfmate.”

Darby Allin recently won his second AEW TNT championship from Samoa Joe on the January 4th, 2023 episode of Dynamite. Allin’s hard work and perseverance along with his connection with the audience can surely lead him to greater heights in the future.

We have to wonder how Tony Khan feels about one of his champions taking this kind of risk. In the meantime, Darby Allin will keep doing his thing. You can check out the clip that Allin posted below.

Do you want to see Darby Allin become the AEW World champion in the future? Sound off in the comments!

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