AEW has become the land of opportunity for various aspiring wrestlers across the world, after the global juggernaut WWE. It looks like the land of All Elite still has plans for Nick Wayne right after he turns 18.

Nick Wayne has been credited as one of the youngest and brightest talents in the wrestling business. His amazing talent inside the squared circle at such a young age is highly commendable.

The 17-year-old independent star has become the youngest athlete to sign with AEW when he was 16. Nick Wayne is yet to wrestle a match on AEW programming, with Wayne claiming that he is working day and night to prepare for his big debut when the day comes.

While Nick Wayne himself believes that he would be ready to go by the time he turns 18, Dave Meltzer also agrees. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that AEW has plans for Nick Wayne’s debut when he reaches 18 years of age.


“Will we see Nick Wayne on AEW television [after his] 18th birthday right? I think it be anytime after July … I don’t know if they will start him right away … but that was the idea.”

“They showed him on the Seattle show … they should have brought him to the Portland show too and done something … I think he was there in Portland [with his mom]. I am pretty sure, they should have put him in the front row and done something with there too … but … I mean, how ready … I have seen him wrestle many times, and he gets over really really good, and I saw him wrestle Will Ospreay … Dude he can be on TV tomorrow … That good? I mean, I don’t know about promos, but in the ring … ya.”

Nick Wayne already has a few opponents in sight to wrestle when he makes his AEW debut. One of them is the current AEW TNT champion, Darby Allin. A match between Nick Wayne and Darby Allin in the future could prove to be an absolute blockbuster between two of the most gifted in-ring competitors with some interesting history.

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