Bobby Lashley is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in WWE right now, being a two-time WWE Champion. He has been with the company for a long time and there is a good reason for that. With the Royal Rumble set to take place this month, it seems one of Bobby Lashley’s past foes might make an appearance during the event.

Chris Masters had a successful tenure with the company but has since been performing on the independent circuit for several years. He was released by WWE in 2007 and made a brief return in 2009 before returning to the indies.

After his release from WWE, Chris Masters adopted the ring name Chris Adonis and has been competing internationally under that name. He has also achieved success on the independent circuit, winning the NWA National Heavyweight Championship twice.

During his tenure with WWE, Masters would have a regular ‘Master Lock’ challenge, in which contestants would try and break his move. After a couple of years, Bobby Lashley would break the lock on the March 19th, 2007 episode of Raw.


While speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Chris Masters talked about making a return to WWE. Masters noted that specifically wants to duke it out against Bobby Lashley. He referred to himself as “a ghost” from Lashley’s past, hinting at confronting him at the Royal Rumble.

Oh, there’s a lot of connections there. I’m kind of like a ghost from his past at this point. But like I just feel like you know in the right scenario you know, you have Lashley dominating with the hurt lock and then you were to hear that OG Chris Masters theme. I feel like and again this more is because everybody you know, I feel like since I’ve kind of started within the last year and this year to petition for the Rumble. Again, it’s not as I don’t feel like I’m ever coming back to WWE full time. For me, it would just be it would be great to come back to the Rumble to, you know, sort of make amends with certain people within the company, but also to show like you were saying before, show the WWE Universe the polished performer that I become and like, yeah, I wasn’t able to do it there, unfortunately.

But I did get there. And so for me, that would be, that would feel good. And like again, and but the biggest thing being about that oh sh*t moment of having that moment of me coming down the aisle and having like, some guy sitting next to his buddy slap on the chest, like ‘Oh, my God, Hurt Lock vs. Master Lock, it’s gonna happen.’ Yeah, that’s what it’s about. So like, it’s really not out of a place of selfishness and we’re like, let’s, let’s have Chris Masters come back full time. But like, for all those reasons, it would be awesome.

So, you know, all of this stuff has happened. And like I’ve never even thought about going back to WWE, honestly, because, and it’s not out of anything bitter. It’s just, you know, I had a couple of runs there and it ended the way it did. And, you know, I just realized that my love is for professional wrestling, even if it’s not with WWE. But you know, with everything that I’ve learned in the last couple of years and then also seen Shelton, Carlito, MVP all my buddies you know, I finally started you know, looking at it and it was more out of this what you just mentioned.

It was more not out of Chris Masters coming back, it was more out of because I remember getting in touch with that young wrestling fan. I remember what is it that we’re always looking for? We’re looking for that oh sh*t moment you know, I mean, like that Ultimate Warrior comeback at WrestleMania 8. It’s not to say anything I could do can measure to that but the Bobby Lashley scenario is fascinating because I haven’t been there for so long though.”

Masters previously hinted at returning during the Royal Rumble this year, so we’ll have to see whether the Masterpiece will end up returning to the WWE later this month. In more recent news, The Masterpiece was spotted in the crowd, as fan, when AEW came through Los Angeles this week.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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