Tony Khan has risen to become highly respected businessman and innovator in his own right. The man who is considered a pioneer in the wrestling world, as we all know, has other ventures as well. Khan recently detailed an interesting story about his ready-to-go NFL Laptop during the creative process of writing AEW programs.

Tony Khan comes from a lineage of a millionaire family, being the son of businessman Shahid Khan. He rose to fame in the wrestling world for starting All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and molding it as direct competitor to the global juggernaut, WWE in the last four years.

Apart from that, the AEW President is also involved in the executive roles of Premier League club Fulham and Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL) with his family serving as the owners. Those jobs are demanding, but Tony Khan is always ready to do his job.

Tony Khan recently detailed his schedule for managing his duties across the three sports and revealed himself to be a diligent multi-tasker who keeps his NFL laptop ready to go during the writing of AEW. He spoke about this during his appearance on The Rich Eisen Show.


“I started out, and I would be in the football office 80 hours a week,” Khan said. “Now, because originally when I started working at Fulham, I started outsourcing some of my work that I would do as far as the analytics on the weekly opponent, or the team, to self-scout, or free agency, some of that stuff. I’m still doing a good amount of the work in the office, and also, I have a laptop I bring on the road; it’s out in the car in the parking lot here and I take it everywhere I go. I’m at the wrestling show and I have my NFL laptop ready to go while I’m writing the match card, laying out who’s gonna wrestle who on the big match, and I also have my NFL laptop, I might have the coach at Fulham calling to talk about players. You have to be ready to multitask, just like as a parent, you have multiple kids, multiple responsibilities, and you love everything you’re doing.”

Tony Khan promised to revamp the entire AEW presentation with a new look and approach starting in 2023. It seems like the AEW President and General Manager have bigger plans for his company this year, exploring various new markets and hosting grander events.

Which star do you want to see Tony Khan bring to AEW in 2023? Sound off in the comments!

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