Sasha Banks became one of the hottest topics of discussion last year after she walked out during a May episode of Monday Night RAW. A lot of speculation ensued for the months that followed. When all was said and done, Banks would make her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17, debuting as Mercedes Mone. That being said, it seems Mone has been accused of snubbing a pro wrestling legend.

Sasha Banks made her shocking debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17, where she debuted as ‘The CEO’ Mercedes Mone. She came out after KAIRI’s successful title defense against Tam Nakano. Fans were truly overjoyed at Mone finally doing what she wanted to in pro wrestling. Mercedes Mone will battle KAIRI for her title next.

That being said, Mercedes Mone truly became one of the biggest names in WWE, as she was a multi-time women’s champion, being part of numerous top storylines throughout her career.

While speaking on Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell was asked about Mercedes Mone’s WWE exit. Mantell proceeded to accuse Mercedes Mone of snubbing him during their time in the company together.


“I was there in WWE for two years, guess how many times Sasha Banks said hello to me? Zero. Because I wasn’t in her orbit. Even when I passed her, it’s common to stop, especially on your first day to introduce yourself and say ‘hello, pleased to meet you’ or whatever. It’s just a formality. But she never said hello when she saw me, I spent a lot of time in catering, remember. But she would never speak to me there, she just kind of ignored me and I did the same to her. There wasn’t negativity to it, it was just something that never happened.

In the wrestling business, if you’re newer to the business, and there’s a veteran, the newer person needs to make an attempt to say hello. Not me going to her. She should have come to me by…it’s been done for ages. You go into a new dressing room and you go around and meet everybody and offer a little bulls**t handshake, but you’ve met them. You’ve went out of your way to say hello and ‘if I can help you, let me know’ or whatever. But she never did and it wasn’t a big thing but she never said hello to me.”

There was also a good reason for Mercedes Mone’s lackluster live reaction to her debut in NJPW. There is the belief that Mercedes Mone will be following in Brock Lesnar’s footsteps after her NJPW debut. We’ll have to see how Mone will fare in NJPW in the coming months.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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