Saraya is emerging to become one of the top stars of the AEW women’s division, much like her days in WWE. Speaking of that, Saraya was given the option to re-sign with her former company. However, she chose to jump ship to the rival competition, AEW, due to fear of sitting out for an extended period of time.

The former WWE Divas Champion served in non-wrestling roles for the company, after her heartbreaking retirement in 2018 due to serious neck injuries. Saraya left WWE in July 2022 and later on signed with All Elite Wrestling in September of that year. She made her miraculous return to in-ring action at AEW Full Gear, defeating Britt Baker in a one-on-one showdown.

Saraya was initially given the choice to re-sign with WWE before her departure. She feared that the company would not grant her the opportunity to step back inside the ring even in the next 5 years or pursue outside projects, something AEW was keen on offering the Anti-Diva. Saraya spoke about this during an interview with Metro.

“I didn’t know if I would end up sitting on my arse for another five years [if I went back to WWE], and that terrified me,” she said. “And then not being able to do other projects terrified me. I can’t sit on my butt again and do nothing!” (WWE notably restricts its performers’ outside projects more than other companies, despite most pro wrestlers technically working as independent contractors.) “I needed my freedom, and Tony was willing straight out of the gate to give that to me. Just come to work when you’re supposed to come to work.’ OK, absolutely, I can do that!”


Saraya rose to become one of the top attractions for WWE in her short stint with the company. With the former NXT Women’s champion finding herself on a new battlefield, she would be looking to rise to the top of the AEW Women’s division as a main event star.

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