Daniel Garcia has proved himself to be talented in-ring athlete in AEW since his arrival. He has been billed as a ‘heel’ in the promotion, to whom the fans shower their jeers on certain occasions. However, a recent reaction did not sit well with Garcia, who seemingly resorted to unprofessional behavior with the fans.

The former ROH Pure champion was dragged for acting in an unprofessional manner with the fans in attendance for a recent Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG) event.

Daniel Garcia’s heel reaction got the best of him, leading to shouting and kicking the fans who tried to greet him. His behavior as seen on Twitter attracted a lot of mixed reactions from the fans.

@SentHook: “Any professional would relish getting a heel reaction like this.” Yeah no beloved all-time great wrestlers ever hit fans or got in altercations in bars to protect the business. Never no siree.”


@Bobs53036223: “in the real world you can’t kick peoples hands because you got mad.”

@EyeSeeYuuu: “Bruh, like A BUNCH of wrestler have smacked a fan. Austin, Triple H, Kevin Nash, etc.”

@VinceMcMahonMan: “This reaction is at a wrestling show, not a bar. Daniel Garcia is not protecting the business. You are 0/2, pal.”

@lennyhem_: “The irony being everybody shares that Austin and undertaker video beating down that fan to show how masculine the boys were back in the day. You’re the one taking the L here Vince fanboy.”

Daniel Garcia is currently a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society in AEW. He was the ROH Pure champion for 94 days until he lost the title back to Wheeler Yuta at ROH: Final Battle, back in December 2022.

Daniel Garcia’s wrestling career began in 2018, wrestling a few matches for WWE and then moving on to develop his craft on the independent circuit. He rose to prominence upon his arrival at AEW in September 2020, becoming a top young prospect. Garcia proved his worth with a win over Wheeler Yuta to claim the ROH Pure championship two years after his debut.

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