Kevin Nash was big name during the Monday Night Wars, but Big Kev already had a massive name in pro wrestling before that. He was integral to the New World Order as WWE headed towards the attitude era. Now he has some harsh words to say about the Ultimate Warrior, because he wasn’t a fan of the controversial Superstar at all.

Kevin Nash was on the latest episode of the Kliq This podcast. Given his prominence in tag team matches, he had some words of critique for the Ultimate Warrior. Nash stated that he would rather hang himself than be on the latter’s team.

“I would have hung myself before I would have been on the Warrior’s team, where he got to cut the promo for you. No matter what, ‘Yeah, we’re going to get you guys together’ — I just would have said, ‘F**k this.”

Kevin Nash expressed his anger when The Ultimate Warrior made promotional appearances on behalf of his whole Survivor Series squad. Ultimate Warrior’s history of rubbing people the wrong way in the pro wrestling business stands the test of time.


Kevin Nash also discussed Vince McMahon’s aversion to tag team wrestling, because obviously, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer treasures the art form. Vince McMahon often compared tag team matches to “garnish” placed around the main course of the headline show.

At the 2014 Royal Rumble, Kevin Nash made a comeback, however, it was his final appearance in the ring. Even after years of retirement, his statements against former superstars have a lot of weight. His days in the ring are over, but Kevin Nash still picked up a lot of stories in the process.

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