Bobby Lashley has become one of the top WWE superstars after years of hard work and perseverance. Lashley’s career resurgence in the last few years has been absolutely commendable. Moreover, WWE has been considering a major heel turn for Lashley by reuniting his former group.

Bobby Lashley’s first run in the company did not turn out to be as successful as many had perceived. However, ever since he came back to WWE in 2018, things had looked different this time. His partnership with MVP and subsequent formation of the popular stable “The Hurt Business” earned his place among the marquee attractions of the company. Moreover, WWE has been teasing the reunion of the popular faction for weeks.

This week’s edition of RAW saw MVP along with former Hurt Business cohorts Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander talking backstage with Adam Pearce in the background as Damage CTRL made their way to the ring. This came right after Adam Pearce asked The Almighty how he was doing.

Bobby Lashley’s rumored heel turn could once again take him to the dreamland along with his faction’s members. Therefore, this also comes on the heels of Lashley vowing to bring back the popular faction last November, so the WWE Universe can be excited to see The Hurt Business back in action.


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Nikunj Walia

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