Alexa Bliss is going through lot of changes, both in her professional and personal front of life. The shades of her personality change can be seen every week on Monday Night RAW, however, it seems like she has decided to lock down her Twitter in response to something she had planned for 2023.

The former 5-time Women’s champion is looking to make her way back into the title picture. She was recently competed for the RAW Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair this week. Moreover, the aggression and darkness inside her seem to be aggravating once again with every passing week.

Alexa Bliss also spoke about wanting to focus on improving her mental health in 2023, hinting at staying away from social media.

“This year I’m focusing on my mental & physical health & I think majority of that is gonna boil down to staying off twitter lol.”


Alexa Bliss also responded to Bianca Belair as she mocked her over the injury she sustained during their match on WWE RAW. Fans who didn’t already follow Bliss can’t see that tweet, because she put her Twitter handle into protected mode, marking the start of her supposed new year’s resolution.

“Looks good 👍.”

The match between Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair this week on RAW never reached to a decisive conclusion. Bliss snapped during the match after seeing Bray Wyatt’s insignia on the Titantron. She responded by attacking a WWE official, and laying a vicious beat down on the EST of WWE by planting a DDT on Belair on the steel steps.

Do you think we will see the return of Dark Alexa soon? Sound off in the comments!

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