There are many WWE superstars who are beloved by fans all over the world. However, with that love, the celebrity status also brings detraction and heat for those superstars from the fans. It looks like that is the case with Alexa Bliss who plans to stay off social media to tackle that.

Alexa Bliss proved herself as one of the most exciting WWE superstars of this generation. Moreover, Bliss has proven her worth inside the squared circle, winning a total of 8 championships so far in WWE, with a long and bright career still ahead of her.

However, Alexa Bliss’ fame also brought uncomfortable situations and hatred from a certain section of fans. The former 5-time Women’s champion recently posted on Twitter about focusing to improve her physical and mental health, while calling going off Twitter as the way to achieve her supposed new year’s resolution.

“This year I’m focusing on my mental & physical health & I think majority of that is gonna boil down to staying off twitter lol.”


Alexa Bliss recently competed against Bianca Belair on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW for the RAW Women’s championship. However, the match saw Bliss snap at a WWE official and lay a hellacious beatdown on the EST of WWE.

Do you think Alexa Bliss will return to her dark character soon? Sound off in the comments!

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