WWE Superstars can be known for any number of things, from their finishing move to their promo skills. Emma is known for number of things, including her unique ring entrance, which includes her own kind of dancing.

On a recent episode of the Out of Character podcast, the Australian Superstar opened up about her time in WWE NXT and how she came up with the awkward dancing that became famous for her character.

“The real story behind that is — this is back in the day before NXT when we were at FCW back in Tampa — and at the time Dusty Rhodes was there and one of the big helpers in that creative department was Byron Saxton,” Emma began. “We had selected this music and I heard this music and [I had] gone, ‘That’s kind of weird, but maybe cool? It’s almost sort of alien-like, but whatever, let’s go with that music … but what do I do though? Because that’s kind of a weird song.’ Byron was the one that was kind of like, ‘Maybe do something with your arms?'”

“It was basically Byron and I walking around the room doing these kind of weird arm things” that inspired the dance. “His was more of an Egyptian dance and I was a little more loose with it, a little more obnoxious with it,” she said with a laugh. “It was so ridiculous and horrible, and I was so dedicated to this dance, that people just wanted to be part of it.”


Emma was eventually released from WWE, before she spent years in Impact Wrestling and the indies. She eventually made her return to WWE where she was placed in an on-screen program with her real-life boyfriend Madcap Moss, an experience that she has to pinch herself over to make sure it’s real.

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Felix Upton

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