Karen Jarret’s name has been in the headlines ever since The Acclaimed released their latest diss track on Jeff Jarrett. During the diss track, the AEW World Tag Team Champions referenced Karen Jarrett’s previous marriage to Kurt Angle. The track got Kurt’s attention as well, and Karen Angle is now setting the record straight.

Following the diss track, Karen Jarrett has threatened to reveal “24 years of dirt” she has on Angle. The former TNA personality also sent message to those who are harassing her. She then revealed that Kurt Angle cheated on her during their marriage.

“We were legally separated at the time Kurt signed with TNA living in different homes. We got back together and I tried to get over the affairs among other things that went on in our marriage. But obviously wasn’t able,” wrote Karen Angle.

Kurt Angle married Karen Jarrett in 1998. The two remained married until 2008 when they eventually filed for divorce. Following her divorce, Karen Jarrett married Jeff Jarrett. Obviously, people haven’t moved on from this story, thanks to The Acclaimed’s recent shot. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.


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