Karen Jarrett has been making headlines after The Acclaimed released new diss track for Jeff Jarrett on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. She also threatened to expose all the dirt she has on Kurt Angle. Karen recently declared that she is done living in fear of the threats.

Karen Jarrett jumped on Twitter to threaten Kurt Angle by revealing 24 years of dirt she has on him for insulting and disrespecting her husband, Jeff Jarrett. She again took to Twitter to clarify that those tweets were not a mere response to another tweet. Karen said that someone dug himself a hole, and now she is done living in fear of threats.

Those assuming those tweets were in response to another tweet. That is incorrect. Someone dug himself a hole off line. Maybe that will all be shared maybe it won’t. I do know I am done living in fear of the threats.

Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett used to be married, and the two even have children. In 2008, they filed for divorce and eventually went their separate ways that year.


It is unknown whether Karen Jarrett will end up exposing Kurt Angle or what she has planned. Regardless, things between the ex-spouses don’t appear to be going well right now. We will keep you updated on the progress of this story.

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