AEW is known for their bloody matches. It didn’t start out with that intention, but here we are. In a day when a WWE match could be stopped due to blood, AEW wrestlers have no qualms about donning crimson masks on TNT and TBS. Some might say it’s a bit too much.

Tony Schiavone is one of the most respected members of the wrestling industry. During this career, Schiavone witnessed everything there is to see in wrestling, including many performers “donning the crimson mask” of blood. That being said, his perspective has evolved over time.

The subject of blood was recently discussed when Tony Schiavone recently joined co-host Conrad Thompson for a special discussion during a podcast on an watch-along. They had two Undertaker matches on the agenda that day. Schiavone admitted during the show that when he was a young wrestling fan, he was fascinated by blood, but he now sees that it is not essential.

Tony Schiavone also revealed that as a child growing up in Virginia, he went to spot shows that included blood. Sometimes it got a bit gory in those days, but that’s not his cup of tea now.


“I’ve seen enough of it now (I’m on the different side of the camera now) to where I think sometimes it’s too much.”

Vince McMahon even took famous show at AEW programming, and that “blood and guts” dig at Tony Khan’s company was soon turned into the name of a signature match. That Blood & Guts match is a lot like WarGames, but there is generally a lot more carnage than in anything WWE would ever produce in today’s market.

Although AEW has had its good share of blood on its television program, Tony Schiavone added that it is a problem that affects the entire industry because younger talent may not be familiar with blading. It is a delicate art that is often abused by people who don’t realize how sparingly blood needs to be used.

“You see kids, I’ll call them kids who don’t have the experience of blading themselves as they should, and sometimes it’s too much blood because they don’t know how to do it.”

The video game Fight Forever also features many violent matches with lot of blood, much like in real life. Obviously, AEW is going all out with their game, and they will also include a ton of weapons to choose from.

While some fans may find bloody matches fascinating, others may find it highly disturbing. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get more updates.

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